Creative Housewarming Gift Ideas for a New Neighbor

creative housewarming gift ideas

creative housewarming gift ideasThere's someone new on the block, will you welcome them with a creative housewarming gift? At some point in your life, you’re going to want to welcome a new neighbor to your block or even to the home next door. Wondering what the best housewarming gift might be? Here are a few ideas that may help.

Baked Treats

This is easily one of the most classic new neighbor gifts. Whether you’re famous for your chocolate cake, your delicious gooey brownies, or your spicy snickerdoodles, head to the kitchen and do some baking for those new neighbors. Package your cookie gift in a pretty way, for the ultimate presentation. Spend a bit of time at it, and you’ll get the reward you want – a connection to the neighbors you’re likely to value again and again.

Breakfast in a Box

No one wants to cook for weeks after the move, and building a cute breakfast box can help your new neighbors avoid this chore. You can either include homemade items in the box or store-bought ones. The key here, though, is to offer everything your new neighbors might need for breakfast. Add in homemade scones, biscuits, coffee mugs, tea bags, honey, jam, and whatever else you can think of for a quick, perfect breakfast your new neighbors will really appreciate.

Dinner Gift Cards

Cooking may not be an option for some time, but the money is typically very tight when moving is involved. Gift cards to nearby local favorite restaurants can be a great idea, especially if those places happen to deliver. Include one or two gift cards to your favorite spots, and if delivery is an option, be sure to note that with the delivery phone number.  Everyone loves taking a break from moving in and knowing that the local BBQ place is the best spot to catch a tri-tip sandwich or basket of fries

A Local Box

If your neighbors are new to the area, this is the perfect time to introduce them to all things local. Include brochures about the area, important phone numbers, treats from the local bakery, a gift card to the nearest grocery store or gas station, and anything else you can think of. This is the perfect way to let them know what’s nearby and truly make them feel welcome in the area.

Snack Pack

Moving is seriously hard work, especially if your new neighbors have kids involved. A snack pack is a great relief for everyone. If there are little ones, pack it with fruit snacks, juice, cookies, candy, and other great treats. If there aren’t any children, consider two liters of soda, paper cups, granola bars, some donuts, and other indulgences that will keep your new neighbors up on their feet through the next few days. Need something a little healthier? Don’t hesitate to go with fresh fruits, bagels, or even organic fruit. The goal here is to give them a bit of refreshment

A plant

Moving can take a toll on plants, and what better way to decorate a new living room with a local plant that'll remind them of the wonderful flora they're surrounded with?  Hopefully they won't kill it off!

Subscription Magazines

You probably have a favorite magazine: Real Simple, Better Homes & Gardens, Sports Illustrated for the kids.  You can quickly go online and have a 12-month subscription sent for about $20!  A wonderful gift that keeps on giving.  Bring over a copy of this month's with a card and let them know that's your welcome gift.  Or maybe even a subscription to the local paper for a month! They usually have these amazing 8-week or 4-week new subscriber deals that are cheap for you, but something your neighbor will be grateful for so they can get the lay of the land.

Gifts for new neighbors are the perfect way to say hello and welcome to the neighborhood. Just be sure to put a bit of effort into it so they know you really care.

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