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Cricket at Christmas

Published October 05, 2007        by Nicole

We venture to say that in no part of the Dominion, except in the extreme west was it possible to play cricket on Xmas Eve. And yet Major Cotton and others did play on that day, and all unite in saying that it was the most perfect cricketing weather.

Think of this, ye ice-bound people of Ontario and Quebec. Look out of your windows at the snow and ice piled up around you; just gaze on your solid rivers; wrap yourselves up warmly lest you freeze - and then rivet your attention on the land over which the Rocky Mountains look. Just picture to yourselves clear sunshiny days with the thermometer up in the fifties; no ice and snow to make one shiver and shake; the rivers running as if it were August; men wearing their summer clothes. Think of all this and weep. Lift up your voices and lament that you cannot live in God's country, where the greatest stretch of winter weather is six weeks or two months, and sometimes there is none at all; where a cold day is seldom followed by another, and the farmers can plough in January and February. Frigid, arctic Ontario! Tropical North-West! What a contrast, and what an utter falling-to-pieces of the old time fallacy that the North-West was as near the North Pole as it was possible to get.