Curing the Blues

To accommodate your tiredness and the baby’s demands on you, you may have to review what is most important to you and make some mom and babychanges in your lifestyle. If you are a perfectionist who has always insisted that things be done the “right” way, you may find that you must relax your exacting standards a bit. If you suffer from inertia, it may be necessary for you to grit your teeth and force yourself to arrange for the rest, moderate exercise, and proper nutrition that are so essential for you and often so difficult to achieve.

Realize that when you look your best, you are more apt to feel in control. Don’t allow yourself to skimp on good hygiene habits because you are too busy or too tired. Dress completely every morning, do your hair and use whatever cosmetics you usually do. This is not the time to make demands on your strength and energy by beginning a reducing diet, however anxious you may be to get your figure back to normal.

Above all, don’t try to bottle up your feelings in hopes they will go away if you ignore them. Talk about them with your spouse, your doctor, your mother, or a friend who has suffered them already. Be in touch, if only by phone, until life settles down.

Every parent should get away from the routine of house and new baby on a regular basis, and this escape is even more important if you are suffering from post-delivery depression. Even a brisk walk around the block will help, when your spouse or someone else can care for the baby, but an entire afternoon or evening out occasionally will do even more for you. You need not feel guilty about going out for a few hours, as long as a reliable babysitter is in charge.

Take time to pamper yourself. Whether it be purchasing a spa gift basket at the store, or actually going to a spa for a massage. Anything that can make you feel better is worth it.

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