Dinosaur Baby Shower Ideas

Dinosaur Baby Shower Ideas

Throw A Dino-Mite Baby Shower!

For a really cute baby shower theme for a boy or girl, have a dinosaur party. Even though dinosaurs are traditionally associated with boys, it matters not whether the mom-to-be even knows the sex of the baby. You can still make it cute and memorable. Remember, the idea is to make it adorable, not scary so go for the cutest dinosaur images you can find. In this post, I'll give you ideas for making every aspect of the baby shower center around a dinosaur theme from the invitations to the party food to the party favor gifts that you send home with guests.

Go all out with your dinosaur baby shower theme. Play games, make prehistoric foods that look rustic or are on sticks, and have a great time. The mom-to-be will be thrilled that you took so much time to throw a cute shower with so much attention to detail.

Splash-A-Saurus Dinosaur Hooded Spa Robe

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Dinosaur Baby Shower Invitations

When it comes to the baby shower invitations, you have several options. You could purchase your invites through an online store like Etsy or eBay where the invitation is pre-printed with all of the shower information. Alternatively, you could make your own invites out of construction paper or crafting foam. Some cute ideas might be a pre-historic egg that is beginning to hatch or a dinosaur shaped baby shower invitation. Simply construct the invite and then add all the shower details such as the location, date, time, specifics regarding presents, etc.

Some clever invitation wording might be:

  • Mom's ready to hatch so help us welcome babysaurus Smith (or whatever last name)!
  • It's A Boy! We're ROARING with Joy!
  • Join us for a DINO-MITE baby shower....

Jungle Animal Thank You Cards

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Dinosaur Baby Shower Supplies

Many companies sell dinosaur themed baby shower supplies like plates and paper goods. So you can start there. If you can't find anything you love locally or your just like what you see, you can buy fully-coordinated baby shower tableware, invitations, and party favors by clicking on any of the product links below.

Paper goods are the first order of business. Go with a central color theme and not just purely dinosaur or you may be on overload by the time all the decorations are up. Pair a bright green dinosaur with muted pastel green or blue forks and spoons and balloons. A second color will help keep it cute and not garish.

Dinosaur Baby Shower Decorations

For your decor, create a jungle habitat. Bring in some faux palm trees or cut-outs of them. Add branches and foliage from the silk department at the craft store. Play some dinosaur sounds (yes, you can get a CD of these online) and even pipe in some fog if you're so inclined to make it misty and prehistoric. Create a table topper that features a dinosaur pinata or have several large dinosaur figurines arranged so they look like they're walking among the food.

And don't forget to set the mood at the entrance to the venue or home by making giant dinosaur prints that lead up to the front door. You can use sidewalk chalk or waterproof table cover plastic that has been cut-out to look like footprints (tape to ground). A personalized banner or yard baby shower sign saying "Welcome To The Dinosaur Nesting Grounds" or Mom's Name would be a cute addition as well.

Personalized Dinosaur Room Sign

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Dinosaur Party Food

dinosaur cookies
Image by sweetsugarbelle on Flickr

When it comes to the food for a dinosaur baby shower, you could just keep it simple by serving mostly green foods like green olives, green linguine pasta with basil pesto sauce, green punch, green apples and kiwis, etc. The possibilities are endless.

The other option is to use tent cards to create clever labels for the various dinosaur themed foods that you plan to serve. Be sure to put bowls of white speckled or colored malt ball eggs throughout the party to serve as dinosaur eggs. Other clever foods might be Bronto bites which could be meatballs or any bite-sized meat treat, dinosaur bones which are pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate, dinosaur shaped sandwiches or jello-jigglers created by using a large dinosaur baby cookie cutter, tyrannosaurus tomatoes, raw veggies with dino dip, etc. Again the possibilities are endless.

Dinosaur Baby Shower Cake

dinosaur baby shower cake
Image by Cake Maniac on Flickr

No party is complete without a cake so be sure to bake or buy a dinosaur themed cake, cupcake gifts, or even brownie pops. If you go to a local bakery, you can bring along a copy of the invitation or the dinosaur motif for items at the party because often times the baker can basically match the colors and pattern on the cake itself. If you do plan to make the cake yourself, be sure to check out YouTube for some ideas on how to make a great dinosaur cake!

How To Make A Dinosaur Cake

Dinosaur Baby Shower Favors

Almost everything you can imagine comes in a dinosaur theme these days. Pick up some cute 3D dinosaur soaps, candles, drinking bottles, and figurines whenever you go out shopping. The dollar store or discount store are great places to find inexpensive figurines and bath products with a dinosaur theme. Any of these items could be put inside a organza bag and then just add personalized baby shower favor tags with a dinosaur theme.

Alternatively, you'll likely be able to find goody bags with a dinosaur theme in the birthday party aisle. Fill them with "dinosaur feed" for each guest. This can be a trail mix or a mix you make yourself that includes cereal and chocolate chips or M&Ms.

Another idea is to stuff your goody bags with an elegant votive candle. You can place a dinosaur sticker on it, or leave it as is so guests can actually put it out and use it when they get home.

Baby Shower Personalized Candle Favor

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Dinosaur Baby Shower Gifts

Create a space for the mother-to-be to open her baby shower gifts. You might put down a leopard skin or chamois fabric to mimic a loin cloth or make it look like a big dinosaur nest with giant plastic eggs in it. She'll have fun sitting in it. Just make sure it's safe enough to hold her and that she can sit comfortably.

Use your imagination and take lots of photos. Keep the theme light and steer away from dark or scary dinosaur images or toys. If the nursery is going to be done up in dinosaurs, you might ask each guest to come with a little dinosaur for the baby's bookshelf or a book on dinosaurs. If you're not sure what the decor will be, dinosaur stuffed toys, teething rings, or bottles are also a good idea. You can also find baby blankets, new baby gift baskets, and clothing that has a dinosaur motif like the ones shown in the photo above.

Dino Baby Ceramic T-Rex Bank

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