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Do It Yourself Flower Cupcakes

Published June 15, 2010        by Kim

The cupcakes pictured here are perfect for a Blooming Flower Baby Shower, but you don't have to wait for a baby shower to make them!  The creative designs are so easy that they can be made for no reason at all.  The pretty cupcakes are fun to look at and delicious to eat!  Special thanks to my cousin Ashley - whose cupcake creations are an inspiration to me.  Some of her designs are shown here along with great homemade cupcake photos from Flickr.

flower.cupcakes1 Do It Yourself Flower Cupcakes

The top left design is shared by Frostedbites on Flicker.  The cupcakes are covered with white frosting, then decorated with marshmallows that have been cut into petals.  The sticky inside of the marshmallow is perfect for catching colored sugar sprinkles, and a Pez inserted into the center of each cupcake completes the design.

The remaining 3 photos shown above are all cousin Ashley creations.  The top right photo shows cupcakes dipped in colored sugar and decorated with miniature candies such as jellybeans, mini M&M's and colored candy sprinkles.  To get the teardrop shape, insert an M&M sideways into the frosting so only the edge shows.  The bottom left photo is by far my favorite because I love sunflowers!  The cupcakes were initially frosted with light green icing.  Ashley then used Oreos (regular and mini sized) to create the sunflower bases.  She used a petal tip and decorator's bag to form the petals, and finished the flowers with red M&M ladybugs.  The leaves are gummy candy.  The bottom left photo shows miniature cupcakes, created for a very special birthday tea.  The mini cakes were frosted with a green base using a leaf tip for texture.  Ashley then cut out miniature gum paste flowers and dusted them with edible pearl dust to make them sparkly.  The dot in the center is a small candy bead.

flower.cupcakes2 Do It Yourself Flower Cupcakes

  1. The pink and white floral design shown above (far left) is a little more labor intensive than the other designs, but once you get the hang of using candy melts it's a lot of fun!  The cupcakes seen here were made by mommy golightly, but check out bakerella's blog to see how to make these neat cupcake toppers.
  2. The orange and yellow flower cupcakes are easy to make, and perfect for anyone who loves licorice!  Here the bakers at Betty Crocker Recipes show us how to create brightly colored flowers using varying lengths of licorice sticks, some white icing and chocolate candy sprinkles.
  3. The third design is another use of marshmallows for flower petals.  This time the cut side of the marshmallow is set on top the frosting, so the rounded portion is showing.  The center is made with colored M&M's.  Kids of all ages can help with decorating these cupcakes, which are displayed by Us3Crew.
  4. The fourth design (far right) is all in the placement.  The chocolate cupcakes are simply dipped in icing, then sprinkled with colored sugar and artfully arranged on a cake board.  The flower stem is a piece of green licorice, and the leaves are gummy candies.  This floral pattern was created and shared by lars hammar.
  5. The sprouting flower design is another one of my favorites - the cupcakes are brought to life with the use of pretzel sticks, miniature flower-shaped cookies, M&M's and gummy candy leaves.  The bakers at McCormick Kitchens will help you through the process on their Flickr page.
  6. The final design I chose to spotlight shows yet another use of marshmallows for flower petals.  This time the marshmallows are simply cut in half, then placed around the cupcake in a circular pattern.  The center is again a colored M&M candy.  The hot pink frosting creates a dramatic background for the white flower.  These pretty cupcakes were made by hopskipjump.

As you can see by the designs shown here, it just takes a little creativity to make fun and tasty gourmet desserts for your Blooming Daisy Baby Shower.  Virtually any type of sweet treats can be used for flower petals, leaves or stems.  Even if you're a novice baker or decorator you will be able to make these beautiful cupcakes, and if you make any mistakes all you have to do is eat the evidence.  Happy Baking!

2 thoughts on “Do It Yourself Flower Cupcakes”

  1. Awesome designs. What did you use for your frosting. I know the ordinary icing. By gosh! I was stricken by the beauty of your designs on the cupcakes.....ahlavahlavahlavit!!!

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