Donate Money to the Hope in Love and War

On December 26, 2004 the world's worst natural disaster hit Southern Asia. The spell and magic of the Holiday Season brought to an abrupt end. A perfect, bright sunny day turned into a day that many will never forget and many a tear will be shed over the course of lifetimes. An earthquake with a magnitude of 9 struck Indonesia, which they say is the worst in 40 years. This same earthquake generated a tsunami which soon became the tragedy that would take over 120,000 lives. The lives of everyone now destroyed babies and children, parents and grandparents, friends, tourists and the residents of the countries. Numerous of survivors, heartbroken, are left to deal with the loss of their loved ones.

Across the world many families hold on to hope searching for family members and friends that are missing. In Surrey where I live, a family is missing 71 relatives. Each day their hopes will lessen until soon most must deal with the emptiness and heartbreak. There will be a void in their lives until their final waking moments.

A call to action was heard in the wake of this tragic event. Military personnel are helping to assist the people of the devastated countries, giving food, medical supplies, support and assistance. Countries are offering large sums of money to assist in the aid of the people; individuals and companies are digging deep into their wallets and donating money to the cause.

In the midst of such tragedy, war is forgotten and love is shown all across the world. It is a world united and brought together, unfortunately, through a tragic event. However, just when you think the people in this world are horrible, goodness, kindness, caring and love comes out of almost everyone.

In the wake of such a terrible event that has gripped all of us across the world, we forget our selfishness and greed. And it reminds us that we must cherish what we do have, our families and our friends. It reminds us that material objects will never replace those that we love dearly. It reminds us that our problems are minor in comparison to what many others experience. It reminds us that we should strive to be better individuals.

A new year is upon us and why don't we take action and put our priorities in order. Tell your loved ones you care and that you are thinking of them on a regular basis. For those that live apart from friends and family, send a gift basket or a gift for no reason but "just because." Spend more time with your family and children and less time on unimportant matters.

Treat each day as if it is your last. Those people who have lost family and friends never had the opportunity to say one final time "I love you." They never had the opportunity to say goodbye. So many words were left unspoken.

As you head into the New Year, remember those that have lost their lives, those that have survived but have lost loved ones and say a prayer for them. The Holiday Season will never be the same for these individuals. The year ahead will be one of trial, of sorrow, and of trying to pick up the pieces of their lives and continue on in the road of life and survival.

If you can find it in your heart and wallet, donate some money to their cause. They need it now more than ever.

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