Creative Easter Basket Ideas For Girls

Best easter gifts

Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

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Best easter gifts

Holiday gift giving can easily get out of control; if you are still too busy recovering from Thanksgiving and Christmas costs to worry about Easter gifts, then don't fret. There are lots of creative Easter basket ideas for girls that cost very little but that will deliver a basket full of fun and enjoyment.

Easter Basket Ideas

Rethinking the Easter Basket

Easter baskets were first used by those who brought their Easter feast - to celebrate the end of Lent - to church so they could be blessed. Today, we fill our baskets with a different sort of "feast." If you want to do something a little different this year, why not replace the basket?

You can use any sort of container, including:

  • Beach pail
  • Brightly colored box (that can be reused for small toys)
  • Watering can for budding gardeners
  • Fun purse
  • Reusable tote
  • Ceramic pot (which can hold a plant in an older girl's room)
  • Plastic basket or tote that can be used for toy or clothes storage in the child's room.

Each of these options gives the child something that is usable long after Easter.

Get Creative With Your Stash

Easter basket ideas
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Easter Treats for All Children

Best Easter presents

Many parents are trimming down on the Easter candy they put into their children's baskets. This is entirely up to you, but there are a lot of healthy, delicious alternatives that your girls will love:

  • Homemade trail mix.
  • Oatmeal Easter cookies, made with ½ of the sugar substituted by applesauce.
  • Raisins and/or dried fruit.
  • A few pieces of fresh fruit.
  • Annie's Bunny Grahams or graham crackers.
  • A few pieces of your child's favorite candy.

DIY Easter Basket

Easter Gift Ideas For a 1 Year Old +

Toddler easter basket ideas
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Ages 1-12

Whether you are looking for Easter gift ideas for a 1 year old, Easter gift ideas for a 2 year old or, Easter gift ideas for a 12 year old, it's best to start thinking while you have time. Children get harder to shop for as they get older, so if you have a younger girl in your life, be thankful!

Here are some things she may like:

  • Jump rope.
  • Glitzy costume jewelry for dress-up.
  • Play-dough and some cookie cutters for making fun play-dough creations.
  • Art supplies that are age appropriate; crayons, markers (if you trust your child!), colored pencils, finger paints, and stickers are all great ideas. Don't forget the paper and coloring books.
  • Webkinz. These stuffed animals have an online game for your child to play, which can be a great introduction to computer skills.
  • Shrinky Dinks. You may have done your share of shrinking when you were a kid. Today, you can get kits to make Shrinky Dink Jewelry, 3D animals, and much more. This is a good fit for kids over 5 or 6.
  • Lip gloss and play makeup. This will go great with the costume jewelry!
  • Tutu and ballet slippers.
  • Refrigerator magnets.
  • Zhu Zhu Pets or small stuffed animals.
  • Wooden gliders or planes.
  • Kites.

Easter Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls

Easter basket ideas
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Here are some Easter gift ideas for teenage girl's.

  • Nail polish. Get a fun, funky shade.
  • Butterfly kits for the inquisitive.
  • Unfinished birdhouse to paint and then use outside.
  • Seeds and small flower pots for the gardener.
  • Craft supplies, such as beading kits.
  • Science experiment kits.
  • Magic kits. Klutz offers a great one that comes with some tricks of the trade.
  • Hair accessories and her favorite shampoo/conditioner.
  • Reusable water bottle.
  • iTunes card or other gift card. This is a good choice for picky tweens and teens.
  • Jewelry. Give a younger child something fun, like a beaded bracelet. For a teen, look on Etsy and pick up a funky, unique necklace or set of earrings for your funky, unique girl.
  • Fragrance. Whether she likes body spray, lotion, or perfume, give her the gift of smelling great!
  • Jump ropes. Little girls get them - why not the big girls? You could also put in hand weights, sweat headband or wristband, or other sports/exercise equipment.
  • Lip balm; you cannot go wrong.
  • New earbuds.
  • Money.
  • One bigger gift and candy and/or healthy treats.

Easter gift baskets can be customized to suit every little girl in your life, and you can make them fit your budget as well. These gifts will help you celebrate, not spend.

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