Easter Egg Decorating Party Ideas

Image by _Fidelio_ on FlickrThrowing an Easter egg decorating party can be so much fun, and it can take the kids' minds off Easter gifts for a while. Kids love to get in on the colorful action, but adults like to act like kids too at this festive spring holiday. You’ll be sure to have a great time and create lovely works of art if you prepare ahead of time.

No egg can be decorated unless it’s hard boiled and cooled, so make sure you leave yourself enough time to not only boil the eggs, but also allow them to cool. Having everything done the night before can make it more fun for kids who find it hard to wait.

Set up stations at your party. If you’re inviting neighborhood kids, this will help to defer the craziness and mayhem of everyone wanting the same supplies. If you have card tables that you can set up in the kitchen, that works well. But if you don’t you can set one station up at one end of the kitchen table, one at the other end and another at the kitchen counter. If you have an island, make that another station.

Have adults on hand to man the stations. At least ask one mom to stay if it’s going to be just you and the kids. That way smaller kids can get the help they need and you can run to get supplies or clean up messes as they happen.

As for the actual stations, that’s up to you. You may want to let kids dunk their eggs in the traditional vinegar and PAAS solution that everyone loves, but this can get messy and stain your table and fabrics if you have little hands. Carefully consider it before setting out cups of dye. Another alternative is to have food safe paints in the form of food coloring for kids to paint their eggs with. Provide craft brushes that have never been used on anything but food. You don’t want to use harsh paints or anything toxic unless you specifically tell the kids not to eat their eggs when they get home.

If you’re going for a non-edible decoration station, you can have lots of fun. Provide craft glue and felt, glitter, stickers and pom poms. You can make each station its own theme. One can be making animals on a farm. Another station can have all the decorations for undersea egg creatures. Another can be dinosaurs. Any theme you like from princess to construction vehicles can make its way on to a hard boiled egg. Just cut out any difficult shapes and décor beforehand so that kids can just stick them to the egg.

Glue dots work really well. They can be found in any discount store and will allow little fingers to stick decorations to their eggs without the goopy mess and drying time.

Image by 46137 on FlickrHave plenty of extra eggs as well as supplies on hand. Don’t be surprised if little kids glob on a mass of one decoration and call it done. They may not have the attention span to sit and really work on their eggs. Keep them entertained, and away from older kids who want to concentrate on their works of art, by having a cookie decorating station. Anyone who is finished with their egg decorating can come and decorate cookies.

Have on hand sugar cookies in the shape of eggs, ducks, bunnies or chicks. Provide frosting, edible sprinkles and sanding sugar in pastel colors. The kids will love having an edible activity. Just be sure someone supervises so the two year olds don’t take all the frosting before the older kids get done with their masterpiece Easter cookies.

It can be really fun to throw an Easter egg decorating party. It’s already a festive season and you won’t have to add a whole lot to make it fun for everyone.  Send out invites that match the theme and have supplies and eggs on hand and you’ve got an instant party.

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  1. The eggs are looking really bright. This idea of the party sounds great. Will surely try it on my son's upcoming birthday.

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