Elephant Baby Shower Ideas

elephant baby shower theme

Elephant Baby Shower Ideas

elephant baby shower theme

Elephant Baby Shower Theme

When planning a baby shower, choosing just the right theme can make or break your baby shower. If you're looking for just the right theme - one that's creative, fun, and loaded with great potential - then an elephant themed baby shower is the right idea for your shower.

Unlike your usual ho-hum baby shower themes, elephants are unique to baby showers - but also, fortunately for your shower planning, full of great ideas.

Think of all the cute, playful, and funny images of elephants and imagine how you can incorporate them in unique and fun ways. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.


Elephant Baby Shower Invitations

You need to first decide what type of baby shower invitation you plan to send out to guests.

Elephant Baby Shower InvitationsOne great aspect of an elephant theme is that it's so versatile. Whether the Mom-to-be is having a boy or a girl, elephants work equally well for either gender. This can be really important if the baby's gender has yet to be revealed, or if Mom wants to keep things gender neutral.

You can create an invitation in the shape of an elephant or use a picture of a mother elephant with her baby. You can also choose to learn more toward a circus elephant or jungle elephant theme. The colors you can incorporate are endless!

If the Mom-to-be is expecting multiples, have your Mama elephant leading around the number of babies the real Mom-to-be is expecting. This is a great way to announce to guests that Mama is planning for more than one!


Elephant Baby Shower Tableware & Decorations

Elephant Baby Shower Tableware & Decorations

There are so many great ideas related to this theme. Elephants are so cute and finding elephant-themed decorations will really enliven your tableware and overall baby shower decor. Try wrapping a baby shower banner around the walls that depicts many elephants parading in a line. Carry the "trumpet theme" from your invitations through by creating a banner with an elephant trumpeting an announcement of baby's upcoming arrival.

Try plates or napkins in the shape of an elephant. Just like with your invitations, your color choices are flexible because elephant grey is neutral - the important thing is to carry on whatever color choices you selected for your invitations. Consider scattering confetti around the table for a nice effect - just like confetti you'd see around festive circus elephants.

For a centerpiece, construct a "diaper cake" out of baby diapers Mama can take home for later use, and decorate the cake with elephant stickers or shapes. A diaper cake is a useful and creative focal point for your table.

Elephant Shower Food Ideas

Elephant Party Sandwiches

Since elephants are known for loving peanuts, provide cute bowls of peanuts for guests to enjoy as a snack. You could use shelled peanuts for convenience or unshelled for an authentic "elephant snack." For a sweet treat that still incorporates the peanut idea, you could use circus peanut candies instead. Both are readily available at candy stores and most grocery stores.

Image by TopPartyIdeas.com

For your cake, consider having one made in the shape of an elephant. Another idea is to create a more traditional cake - a square, round, or rectangular cake - and have the elephants drawn in the icing.

With the popularity and flair of cakes these days, cake bakers can easily depict elephants in this way and provide you with a unique cake. Another great way to incorporate elephants into your cake is to create them out of fondant and place the fondant elephants on the cake.

Elephant Cake Inspiration - So adorable!!

Elephant Baby Shower Cake Collage
Elephant Baby Shower Cake Collage by DessertLover2010 on Flickr

Fondant seems to be the easiest way to add elephant shapes to a cake. In the images above, you can see how rolled fondant was cut with an elephant-shaped cutter and then placed around the cake tiers. Alternatively, you could create your own 3-D elephant cake by following the instructions in the video below.

Make Your Own Elephant Cake

Fun Elephant Game Ideas

Fun Elephant Game Ideas

As the saying goes, "elephants never forget." Incorporate this old adage into your baby shower game ideas. If your baby shower is small, have guests break up into teams and play the board game "Memory," where pairs of cards are arranged face down and in random order. Participants must locate the pairs by flipping over cards two at a time.

Another memory-testing game is to "Finish the Baby Rhyme." Check out a nursery rhyme book at your local library. Read out loud part of the rhyme and have the guests complete the rhyme.


Elephant Gift BasketFavors & Gifts for an Elephant Shower

Carry the peanut theme further by providing guests with peanuts, wrapped in burlap for a natural look and tied with ribbon, to take home and enjoy.

For candy circus peanuts, wrap these in clear basket and tie with a ribbon. Both would make great little thank you gifts for guests. Alternatively, check out all the elephant favors below because they coordinate with the tableware presented on the rest of this page.

For elephant themed gifts, check out import stores or online sites like etsy.com for unique, handmade and artistic elephant crafts, drawings, pottery, or ornaments. Mama will appreciate an infant gift that's truly one-of-a-kind, just like her little one.

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