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Farm Animal Baby Shower Games

Published February 09, 2010        by Kim

farm.animal.babies1 Farm Animal Baby Shower Games

If you are tired of the same baby shower games that you've played a hundred times, try a few of these games that focus on your barnyard baby shower theme:

Baby Animal Name Game

Prior to the shower, look up the proper names of farm animals and their offspring.  Create a list of each, and have your guests match the mother to the baby.  For example, a mother horse is called a mare and the baby horse is a foal.  More mothers and babies are listed below:

(Cattle)                      Cow                   Calf

(Goose)                     Goose               Gosling

(Duck)                       Duck                  Duckling

(Chicken)                 Hen                    Chick

(Goat)                        Doe                    Kid

(Pig)                           Sow                    Piglet

(Sheep)                     Ewe                    Lamb

(Cat)                          Queen                Kitten

Old MacDonald Memory Game

Another fun shower game tests your guests' memories!  With everyone gathered in a circle, start to the right of the mother-to-be.  Have this guest say the phrase "(Mother-to-be) has a farm and on her farm she has a (list animal)"  For example, if Mary were the mother to be, your guest should say, "Mother Mary has a farm and on her farm she has a goat."  The next guest repeats the phrase and adds another animal.  This continues around the circle and gets increasingly difficult as each guest has to remember the list of animals and come up with a new animal to add!  You may want to write down the list of animals to make sure the guests are getting them right!  The game can continue until either someone gets the list wrong, or until there is 1 guest left who can recite the entire list of animals.

Barnyard Babies Hunt

Get your guests out of their seats with a farm animal hunt - similar to an Easter egg hunt.  Purchase a set of farm animal babies like the ones pictured above (photo courtesy of  Hide the animals around your shower venue and offer prizes for recovering each toy.

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