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Father's Day Craft Ideas For Kids

Published June 03, 2015        by Matt

Father's Day Craft Ideas For Kids

Get Crafty

Father's Day is a day to honor the men in your life who have meant so much to you. It could be your dad, grandfather, or an uncle. Whoever you are choosing to honor, you'll want to make a special gift for them. If you've got kids that can do the crafting, perfect! A homemade Father's Day gift is one of the most beloved things a dad can get on his big day. It will be proudly displayed for years to come so don't forget to write the date on it!

The T-Shirt

Creative Apparel

When it comes to t-shirt making, things have gotten high tech. You can now buy paper that will transfer any image onto a shirt and not look like a crumpled wad when it gets washed. Gone are the days of the iron-on transfer paper that crinkled and felt like a hard sheet of plastic.

Father's Day Craft Ideas For Kids
Original Un-Cropped Image Credit: PraveenbenK on Flickr

Today's transfer paper is soft to the touch and actually bonds with the surface of the shirt. You can run it through the printer to download a design with color graphics and really have something special.

Choose an image the kids have drawn or painted at school. Scan it into the computer. Then print it on the transfer paper. Instant artwork for dad's t-shirt! Choose a crisp white shirt that's a size too big for dad. Then wash it before you put any artwork on it. Then you'll be sure your transfer will stay true to size when it's washed.

Add names, hand prints done in paint, or any other embellishments before presenting to dad.

The Dad Coupon Book

Make Now, Spend Later

This idea is so cute and never goes out of style. Have the kids create their very own books that give dad coupons for things they will do for and with him. For instance, a young child can give a coupon for playing with dad one night after dinner. Or an older kid could make a coupon for taking out the trash or mowing the lawn without being asked.

You'll be surprised how interested kids get in outdoing each other. So give them sheets of paper the size of coupons and some markers and let them go crazy. They can staple their books or punch holes in them and tie them with string.

Another Craft Idea: Kids Get Hands-On

The Photo Frame

Handmade Father's Day frame
Image credit: nadiapriestley on Flickr

Memories Make a Lifetime

Many a father has gotten and cherished a photo frame from their little one. Involve your child in creating the frame themselves. All you have to do is give them the materials and insert the photo. Best to insert the photo last so no glue or glitter gets on it.

Choose if you will have your child modify a wooden frame or make one out of felt, fabric, or other materials. A recycled frame can work well for this craft. Paint it and then allow the child to decorate it with foam shapes, glitter glue, stars, hearts, jewels, or anything else they like.

Your kids will love making baby picture frames or photos of them grown up. They really put their hearts into these crafts. Let them do anything they like as they design the frame. They'll be so proud of it and so will dad when he displays it in his office.

Choose a photo of your child with dad for extra appeal or one where your child was being extra cute or mischievous to make it memorable.

Make a Magnetic Photo Frame - Too Cute!

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