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Father's Day Gadget Gifts

Published May 20, 2015        by Matt

This post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links.

Father's Day Gadget Gifts

Great Gadget Gift Ideas for Dad!

What man does not love gadgets? They seem to have an endless fascination with these modern day "tools" that are often useful, sometime infuriating, and always a topic of conversation. I consulted my gadget-loving husband for some his favorite gadgets, or the ones he wished he had!

Your Dad will be proud to show off any of these gadgets the next time he gets together with his friends. Imagine how impressed they'll be when they find out you bought it for him, as a Father's Day present. Talk about gadget envy!

The King of Gadgets - James Bond

Portable GPS System

The GPS devices have really come down in price the past couple of years, while becoming more reliable and storing more information than ever. The best part about the portable systems is Dad can take it with him in the car or even on foot or on bike. Many new systems include trail maps and other recreational information, making a hand-held GPS useful for more than just finding that new restaurant. Of course, he can still use it to help navigate his way through traffic. It's also a great gift for guys that travel a lot, as they can get restaurant recommendations or find the office for their big meeting. Since we know they'll never stop and ask for directions anyway, at least this way they won't have to!

All-in-One Remote

Is your coffee table filled with multiple remotes to handle the TV, DVD player, cable box, stereo, and more? Does trying to do something simple like watch a movie involve so many steps it feels like a launch sequence for the Space Shuttle? If you'd like to simplify his life (and yours), get one of the new programmable remotes. These aren't just a single remote that can control all the electronics in your family room; they can execute multiple steps with the single push of a button. Most are actually programmed by connecting them to your computer, where you follow a set-up wizard one time.

What makes them so great is the buttons are set-up around the actual task you want to perform. For example, let's say you just opened up a movie gift basket and put the movie in the DVD player. You simply click "Watch DVD" on the remote, and it will turn on the TV, change it to the right input, turn on the stereo and set that to the DVD setting, turn on your DVD player, and turn off anything that was on previously. It does all of that with a single press of a button! Even better, the fast forward / rewind buttons now will operate your DVD player, and not your CD player, because it knows what activity you are currently doing. These remotes are a life-saver and one of my current favorite gadgets for anyone.

Wireless Grill Meat Thermometer

If your father loves the barbeque, then this is one handy tool he is bound to appreciate. He can insert the thermometer into whatever he is cooking, then go back to watching the big game on the TV inside, and still keep an eye on his grilling duties by watching the temperature. Some models even have an alarm in case he nods off during the 7th inning stretch. This one is also handy when the weather is cooler and he doesn't want to be outside the whole time, or with larger cuts of meat that might take hours to grill on low.

P.S. A grilling themed gift basket would be a great choice too!

Swiss Army Golf Tool

From the makers of one of the all-time best selling gadgets, the Swiss Army Knife, comes a sport twist perfect for the duffer dad. If it's summer, it's golf season, which means it's time to head out to the links for the annual rite of unbridled optimism that all golfers share. The beauty of this little golf gift is it has all the things a golfer should have handy, and they come in one tool. There's a divot repair tool for the times he's lucky enough to land on the green, and a ball marker in case his putt is out of tap-in range, plus many more useful tools that only the Swiss would think of.

Swiss Army Golf Tools & More

Handheld Sports Trivia Game

Warning! Buying this for your father may result in him completely ignoring you for hours at a time. There's nothing like watching a bunch of men asking what you might consider to be absolutely ridiculous and arcane sports trivia questions, only to have one of them shout out the answer, followed inevitably by a round of high-fives and maybe even some fist pumping and yelling. Nevertheless, if your father is into sports trivia, this little toy is one of my favorite gifts for sports lovers and it will have him smiling.

Outdoor Weather Station

Does your dad watch the weather channel obsessively? Does he quote you the current barometric pressure in millibars and talk about fronts moving in and relative humidity? If so, he'll love a weather station gadget for Father's Day. They come in a dizzying array of options, and some even include moon phases, barometric pressure and other weather stats, in addition to the actual temperature outside.

Portable Breathalyzer

If he likes to go to the bar and you're concerned about his or friend's driving safety, this is one item you'll want him to carry. These new gadgets will fit in a pocket (or purse) and give an instant readout of blood alcohol level when you breathe on them. It's always better to be safe than sorry if he's out drinking, and this gadget will help insure he arrives home okay.

Portable Breathalyzers

Wireless Headphones for MP3 Player / iPod

If your father spends a lot of time listening to his iPod, he will probably enjoy some wireless headphones. This nifty gadget will allow dad to listen to his portable music player without any wires. He'll love not having to worry about getting tangled while working out, raking leaves, or just relaxing in his recliner and listening to music. Most of the brands include an adapter to work with any portable player and include volume adjustments. There are some manufactured for specific brands too, like the iPod, that will even let him skip play, pause, and skip songs, all from the headphones. Buy this unique gift for him and he'll feel like the coolest dad on the block wearing these headphones.

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