Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Electronics Buff

Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Electronics Buff

Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Electronics Buff

Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Electronics Buff

How to Thrill Dad

Keeping up with the latest in technology doesn't have to be so hard. You can gift your dad with the latest gadgets just by going online and searching for what's new and hip.

Below, you will find some of the best new gadgets for you to give for a Father's Day gift this year. He is sure to love these items, and the thought that you put into it!

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The Dell Inspiron Duo

Computer & Touchscreen

This nifty little tablet has just hit the market. It's both tablet touchscreen reader and mini laptop. What could be more fun than being able to flip your tablet into a laptop that plays movies in HD and also acts as a word processor? The computer actually twists on an axis to become a flat touch screen tablet and then flips again into a traditional laptop with full keyboard.

It's sleek and fashionable and has all the features like the desktop models do, but in a much more convenient form. Now dad can work from anywhere. And with its reasonable price (around $550), it's going to be a best seller among tech savvy shoppers who want to bring their office with them everywhere, and a great Father's Day gift idea.

See it in Action - Dell Inspiron Duo

Google Nexus 4

The Ultimate Phone

If dad's a big net surfer, he'll love the features in this new phone. Nexus, the biggie search program, allows users to integrate their Google accounts into this phone. It also has an 8MP camera, and can record HD videos.

Everyone will be clamoring for one of these sleek looking phones. It makes surfing and switching between applications a seamless process. With features like hundreds of apps and a compact and user-friendly profile, this is the new phone for those who like to live in the fast lane.

For the Gamer

Sony is a name kids recognize as their favorite gaming brand. If dad loves games, too, he'll want this Zeus phone. It will run Android 3.0 and has a full 8GB of memory. Play all the coolest PlayStation games right on the phone. It's got a touch screen to keep the fun interactive.

You can also play games that aren't from PlayStation on this phone. So it's like having a full gaming console along with a phone. Sleek silver styling includes full gaming controls on both sides of the horizontal screen. It's just like a PlayStation, only smaller.


Samsung LED 9000 TV

Samsung LED 9000 TV

Best of TV's

Instead of making cookies for Father's Day again this year, try something a little different. If dad's a sports nut, he will love watching the big game on this beauty. It's ultra thin (only 0.3 inches wide) and brings an eye popping 3D experience to the viewer. It can even take standard 2D television and turn it into 3D.

Image by krynsky on Flickr

This TV also has the capability to run apps just like an iPhone. Dad can be on the internet, "like" things on Facebook, and also download games and apps right from the TV. There's never been a TV like this before. It almost makes your home computer obsolete.


Choosing the Right Gift

The Thought That Counts

If dad's a big fan of gadgets, there's no better time to go shopping for him. You can find deals online at e-tailers who want to earn your business. Be sure to check warranties and return policies at sites that sell electronics, however. You want to know that if there's a problem, you'll be able to return the goods.

Also be sure there's a phone number for live customer service so they can walk you through any issues you might have right on the phone.

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