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Image by Phil Scoville on FlickrWhat you do to celebrate Father’s Day will vary by the type of dad you have. Do you have an outdoorsman dad who loves every minute he can get out in nature? Do you have a bookworm dad who’d rather be reading than doing anything else? Perhaps your dad is a golfer, football nut, or car aficionado. No matter what type of dad you have, you can gift him with the ideal present this Father’s Day.

The best Father's Day gifts come from the heart.  And when you combine a sincere gift with the recipient’s interest, you’ve got the perfect present. If dad loves books, head out and get a first edition of his favorite title. Or get him a gift certificate to his favorite book store and make a book gift basket out of it! Go one step further and book him on a literary tour in a town that houses a birthplace of a famous writer! He can build an entire vacation around it.

For the sports nut, get season tickets to his favorite team’s schedule. You may even want to get yourself an extra ticket to go with him to the games. Help him get in the spirit by getting him some tailgating equipment like a portable grill, cooler with plug in adapter for keeping things hot or cold, or a folding table that pops open when he needs it. Stock a box or bin with tailgating foods for a special sports gift basket and he’ll be ready to hit the road in style.

Golf gift basket for DadIf dad’s a golfer, the best thing you can do is arrange time for him to tee off. Many times, dads are so busy that they can’t take a moment out. But make sure he does by reserving the links with three friends of his so that he won’t break the date. Get him a new set of clubs, monogrammed golf balls, new golf shoes, or a subscription to Golf Digest to go with it.

For the vintage car lover, take him to a whole circuit of car shows in the area. Make a map for him of all the upcoming shows and tell him you’d like to join him. Make a day of each one. Take photos of dad sitting in each car that he falls in love with and make him a scrapbook when you get home as part of his gift.

Dads love presents that are practical and also inspiring. If he loves golf but needs a little tutorial, get him a few books on his Kindle or iPhone that he can read to brush up. If dad’s starting a new hobby, do the same. Get him books either electronically or in print that he can read to get up and running. If he’s always been interested in painting with acrylics, get him a set of paints, some brushes and an easel. Finish out the golf gift basket with a gift certificate to a class on acrylic painting.

Yes, the box of candy, the tie, and the shirt are all nice gifts. And they will be appreciated. But no one loves a gift more than when it’s personalized just for them. Make your gift really stand out this year by selecting it based on dad’s interests and tastes. You’ll be a real hit and dad will remember your present long after the holiday has passed.

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