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Five Fabulous Valentine Party Games For Adults

Published June 19, 2007        by Nicole

Lovers Lifesavers – Prior to the party, buy a roll of lifesaver candies. Split into groups of 3 or more players per team (teams should have the same number of players). Have each team stand in a straight line and give each of the players a toothpick which they hold in their mouth. Give the first person in each group’s line a lifesaver candy that hangs on the toothpick in their mouth. When you say go, they must transfer the lifesaver to the toothpick of the player in line after them, without using their hands. The next player to the next player and so forth down the line. If the lifesaver falls to the ground or someone uses their hands, the team must start all over at the beginning. The team members that finish the lifesaver toothpick relay first win little Valentine's Day Gifts.  

Suck & Blow Valentine Card Game – Be sure to have a standard deck of cards on hand. This game will require 8 or more people who should sit in a circle so they are close to the people next to them. It is best if you have an even number of people with an equal number of boys and girls so that you can sit boy-girl-boy-girl-etc. No hands can be used in this game while passing the card. Start the game by having one person hold a card to their mouth by sucking on it like a vacuum. They then turn to the right and pass it to the next person by placing the card on their mouth so the neighbor will need to suck on the card while the previous person blows to release the suction pressure and let go. Don’t drop the card or you’ll be kissing the person sitting next to you! 

Romantic Love Scrabble – This is a great game for 2 players or 2 teams of players. Set a standard Scrabble game up as you usually would and follow the same rules, except in this version, all of the words formed must be romantic words or words used in a romantic sentence or with sexual innuendo. For example, you could use the word hood if you justified it with the sentence ‘I’d like to get a look under your hood’. 

 Mending A Broken Heart Game – Cut hearts out of red construction paper and then cut each heart in half in an unusual zigzag or other pattern. When guests arrive at the Valentine Party, hand them half a heart. Throughout the party, they should try to find the guest with the other half of their heart. It is a great game to get your guests to mingle. 

Valentine Cupid Bingo – Make up bingo cards either on your computer or by hand on construction paper. Each card should have a 5 square by 5 square grid with C-U-P-I-D written across the top of the columns instead of BINGO. Draw a heart on the center space and call it the Free Space. Assign the other squares numbers. Buy a large bag of Valentine conversation hearts for people to cover the spaces when a particular number is called.  Make up little squares of paper that have all the letter/number combinations (e.g. C1, U6, P9, etc) and put them in a bowl. The moderator chooses a paper from the bowl and calls out the numbers until someone gets bingo and yells out CUPID! Be sure to have lots of Valentine prize gifts on hand to give to the winners.