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Five Fun Kid’s Valentine Party Games

Published June 16, 2007        by Nicole

Having a little Valentine get-together with your relatives or entertaining the neighborhood kids this Valentine’s Day?  Here are some great games for children aged 5 to 10. Just buy some little Valentine themed gifts to give to the game winners.

  1. Steal My Heart – Buy a few large bags of conversation heart candies and put them in a large bowl in the center of the kitchen table. Have all the kids take a spot around the table and give each one of them a set of chopsticks. In a timed 3 minute period, the children should try to ‘steal’ hearts from the big bowl and set them in front of themselves on the table. They can use ONLY their chopsticks – no hands. The child with the most hearts in front of them when time runs out wins.
  2. Matchmaker Valentine Memory Game - Buy a bag of the conversation candy hearts with little Valentine sayings like ‘Be Mine’. Go through the bag and find pairs of hearts that are identical (same color and same text saying). When you want to start the game, lay all of the hearts face (text) down on the table. Then have the children take turns flipping over two hearts. The goal for the child is to match up the pairs during their turn. If they get a pair, they get to take another turn until they miss. The kid with the most pairs at the end wins.
  3. Hugs & Kisses Candy Guessing Game - Fill a jar or glass bowl with a mixture of Hershey kisses and Hershey hug candies. Then have each child guess how many pieces of candy are in the container. The one closest to the actual number wins the jar of Valentine candy.
  4. Valentine-Themed Pictionary – come up with a list of valentine related words like heart, candy, cupid, flowers, rose, diamond necklace, etc. Break the kids into two groups. Have one person in one of the groups draw out the clue (no talking or hand gestures) while their teammates try to guess the word. They have 1 minute to guess it. If they don’t guess the word in the allotted time,  the other team can steal the point if they can guess the word. Play several rounds and the team with the most points wins. Note – you can adjust the allotted time depending on the age of the kids and their ability to draw.
  5. Valentine’s Day Make A Word Game – Write out the word Valentine’s Day on the board or have each child write the word out at the top of a sheet of paper. Then, call out go and have each child write down as many 3 or more letter words that they can make out of the letters in Valentine’s Day in 5 minutes. The child with the most words wins a fun Valentine Holiday Gift.