Five Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

Five Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

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Five Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

Saying "Congrats" on a New Home!

Five Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

If you're shopping for the perfect gift for a new neighbor, think outside the box. Sure, you can bring a bottle of wine, but there are so many other great ideas just waiting for you to discover them. First, think about your new friend's taste. If you've never really been inside her home before, you may have to guess a little. But you can make some educated guesses based on their home's exterior style and the car they drive.

Do they have children? How do they dress? If they are hip and funky young people, choose housewarming gifts that is in keeping with that style. An older couple? Gear your selection towards things they will enjoy.

Here are five ideas that are sure to make yours the hottest present at the party.

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Functional and Beautiful

Alessi is an Italian company known for its functional yet beautifully crafted off-the-charts designs. They've won many awards for their ergonomic, streamlined products that make everyday tasks fun. Find them at

They offer everything from bold primary colored rabbit toothpick holders to non-traditional teakettles and everything in between. You'll find you're also shopping for yourself when you start looking around their site. Anything you find there is a perfect gift, so just choose within your desired price range.

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Online or In-Store

For a housewarming gift that's surprisingly inexpensive yet a multitasking genius, opt for the Cooks by JCP Home 3-in-1 Breakfast Center. This gadget has a coffee maker, toaster oven and griddle all in one. It takes up little counter space and is under $40.

Everyone can use a multi-tasker like this gadget. There are tons of other ideas at JC Penney. A set of sheets or towels is always nice as are many of their other houseware products. Find them at


Tasty Homewarming Gifts

You're in luck if you're looking for delicious, edible and darling housewarming cookies. We offer cookie gifts that are shaped and decorated like houses or mailboxes and are presented in a container on long stems. The cookies are large, bold and beautiful. You'll be proud to give them.

Ship them directly to your friend if you live far away! It's the perfect gift for friends and family, near and far.


Pretty & Classy: Pretty Classy will ship your friend a beautiful autumn harvest or other seasonal wreath just in time for their housewarming. These wreaths are long-lasting as they are made of sturdy supplies. You can also have it delivered to yourself if you want to bring it over in person. Very pretty and more practical than live flowers that wilt. Of course, you'll find many other bouquet and arrangement choices as well as food and gift baskets.


Clever & Fun

A company called Exclusively Weddings has proven they are more than just a wedding shop as their name would suggest. You can get a personalized doormat for your new friends for under $50 that looks like it cost a lot more. Have it made to say anything you like. Be funny or direct. They can be found at Personally, I would love one of these rugs, how cute are they!?

What's Expected

Remember, the reason your host is throwing the party is so you can see their new home and get to know the neighbors. You're not expected to bring an expensive congratulations gift, but showing up with a little something sweet is always in good taste. Mingle, have fun and socialize. Who knows, maybe you'll meet some new friends too!

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