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Food Ideas for a Baby Shower Brunch

Published October 22, 2013        by Sarah

berries and pound cakeBaby showers don’t have to all be games that have you listing things in your purse and snacks that have you wishing there was just a little something more. Instead, a baby shower brunch can be a great way to celebrate the mother-to-be and gather with friends and exchange adorable baby shower gifts. Here are a few food ideas that can make the occasion truly special.

Coffee Cake – Brunch means delicious sweets as much as it means great breakfast foods, so this is one you’ll certainly want to include. Don’t just stick to ordinary coffee cake recipes, though. Instead, get creative with this one. You could go with coffee cake muffins or even variations on coffee cake like cinnamon roll coffee cake or the ever lovely Heath Bar coffee cake. Any way you slice it, it’s going to be one of the most popular choices on your buffet.

Brunch Casserole – This is a staple of almost any brunch you might attend, and it’s an easy way to combine everyone’s favorite breakfast food – eggs – with a variety of different meat and vegetable choices. While there are many varieties out there, you may want to stay pretty traditional with this one as lots of people have expectations when they see a brunch casserole on the table. If you’re going to deviate, make certain you label it well!

Mini Quiche - Quiche are great, but a bit hard to serve in a buffet style setting. Going with mini quiche means a chance to go with something just as delicious but more in finger food style. Fortunately, all you need is a mini muffin pan and the right ingredients. As with most brunch recipes, there are lots of different choices to make in this category, but a few of the most popular are cheese and asparagus.

rainbow fruit skewersFruit Salad Skewers – A baby shower brunch is the perfect time to think outside the box, so why should your fruit salad stay in the bowl? Skewer up your favorite foods, and they’ll move from the buffet table to the eating area a lot easier, and look great in the process. All you need are some skewers and your favorite fruits, and you already have a winning combo. Step it up a notch when you add a delicious fruit dip in tiny single-serving cups.

French Toast Skewers – French toast is delicious in any form, but it’s far more edible at a baby shower brunch when it’s on a stick. Simply make your French toast as you might at any other time, but then cut it into thick nugget size pieces. Threat each on a skewer, then dust them with powdered sugar.

With choices like these, your baby shower brunch is certain to be a hit. Don’t forget cute beverage ideas, too. Coffee is an absolute must, but you may want to make a pot of decaf for the mom-to-be. You may even want to go with gourmet choices like lattes. Other good beverage options include milk, orange juice, or delicious smoothies.

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