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Fourth of July Fun Facts

Published May 29, 2007        by Nicole

In 1776, the US population was 2.5 million colonists.  In late 2006, the US population surpassed 300 million people.

Fourth of July is synonymous with barbecue and this year Americans will consume around 150 million hot dogs on this holiday.  If you laid all those hot dogs end to end, they'd stretch all the way from Los Angeles California to Washington DC. Now that's s lot of hot dogs!  It is estimated that more than 68 million Americans will take part in a barbecue sometime this year.

Americans love their 4th of July fireworks displays and waving the American flag.  Every year the US imports nearly $200 million worth of fireworks with over 90 percent coming from China.  Likewise, the US imports $5.5 million worth of American flags again with over 90 percent coming from China.  However when it comes to flags, the US makes most of them right here in the good 'ole USA. American manufacturers shipped nearly $350 million of flags, banners and flag emblems last year.

Our US patriotism abounds in the names of our cities. Did you know that 30 cities have the word "Liberty" in them and 11 cities have the word "Independence" as part of their name?


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