Fourth of July Party Ideas

Fourth of July Party Ideas

Fourth of July Party Ideas

Summer Time, Party Time!

Fourth of July Party Ideas

It's hot out, you're feeling festive; what could be more fun than throwing a July 4th party?

It's summer, everyone's in a party mood and usually, there's time off from work for people to relax a little longer and enjoy themselves. Make your party the best ever with these exceptionally festive Fourth of July party ideas.

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Party Colors

Go Crazy

Choose a color scheme for all your decor and food. The logical choice is red, white, and blue for the celebration of America's flag, but you're not limited to this palate. Go with just red or just baby blue if you like. You can even go purple, yellow, and green to emulate fireworks. Go wild and make it festive, most likely everyone will wear some sort of red, white and blue anyways!

Food Ideasfourth of july cake pops

Keep it Simple

Next, select your menu based on foods that are easy and fun to eat. Remember, it's going to be July, so you don't want to serve foods that may spoil easily like mayo based salads. Try to stick with foods that you can bring out and that will be gobbled up so they don't sit.

Secondly, don't forget the desserts! People have some serious sweet tooth cravings in the summer, so be sure to cater to that! Some tasty Independence Day cookies look great on a table, and taste great too! Or if you want more simple treats, try Rice Krispy Bars, Brownies or a Rhubarb Cake. They will all certainly be enjoyed!

Affordable Fourth of July Foods

Clam Bake

Fourth of July Party Ideas

Yum it up!

One fantastic way to encourage guests to interact and have a great time is to have a clam bake. You can order clam bakes from local grocery stores. Often, the fish department will put them together for you. You can also order them online from companies who specialize in this sort of party food. Tell them how many people you anticipate and they'll send you the food packed in a cooler of dry ice. You cook it when it arrives.

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Items in a standard clam bake include lobsters, crab, clams, corn on the cob, and potatoes. Other items like sausage are often included. You can easily put together your own clam bake and spare some expense. You'll just need a way to cook the foods. This can be done in metal pails or cans (be sure they're clean and fire safe) that you find at the hardware store. Or you can do a crab and fish boil in a pot on an open flame or outdoor gas grill. Cook the corn on the cob and potatoes on the grill as well.

Purchase extra food baskets for guests to bring home leftovers. It'll be the gift that keeps giving!

Fourth of July PartywareFourth of July Party Ideas

Keep it festive!

Make your whole party festive by offering a casual yet festive atmosphere. Tie up plastic cutlery in red and white checkered cloth napkins and place them all in a cheap gift basket, there's no need to get something expensive. Any old basket will do! Guests can grab their own utensils all at once, and they will have a sturdy napkin for their laps as well! It's a great plan for an outdoor setting.


Be Glass-Free

Keep drinks flowing by offering a cooler full of sodas, water, beer, and wine. Use cheerful plastic wine goblets that you can buy at the dollar store. That way there's no glass that can accidentally break or that you have to wash. And if you anticipate children, be sure to have a little cooler with juice boxes as well. They will think it's so cool that they get their own cooler of goodies.

Stick With Basics

Fourth of July Party Ideas

Easy & Fun

The simpler you keep your party, the more fun everyone-including you-will have. Keep bug spray and citronella candles on hand so tiny pests don't ruin the outdoor fun. If you have a beach location, great. But if you don't, you can still put hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill and have a great time. Make it a 1950s theme and have all retro decor from plastic plates to napkins and tablecloths. You can find everything you need online.

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Have a ball this July 4th. It's one holiday that celebrates the summer which flies by all too fast. Take lots of photos so you can remember your awesome party next year when you go to plan the festivities. And don't forget to send guests off with a little Fourth of July gift or festive party favors. They'll remember your party for years to come!

Need Game Ideas? How about Gladiator!

Fourth of July Party Ideas
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