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Free Baby Shower Games

Published September 21, 2010        by Sarah

Image courtesy of >>>wondermike<<< on FlickrA baby shower is a fun time for ladies to gather around the mom-to-be and shower her with well-wishes and gifts for her baby. It should be a festive time with lots of cheer. Games can help break the ice for guests who don’t know each other and get everyone in on the fun.

Here are some free baby shower games that you can play. Ideas for prizes include gift cards to nail salons or coffee houses, mugs filled with candy, small candles, fresh-baked cookies wrapped in pretty cellophane, pens, notepads and other dollar store type items.

Belly String

The mom-to-be will be nice and round by the time you host the shower. A fun game is to give every guest a roll of string and ask them to cut off as much as they think will fit around the mom’s belly. They’re not allowed to measure. They have to eyeball it. The one who comes closest wins a prize.

Bowl for Baby

Set up 10 baby bottles filled with M&Ms or little candies. Arrange them like bowling pins. Use a small ball such as a beach ball or small croquet ball and have each guest bowl for prizes.

The Name Game

There are variations on this fun game, but one way to play is to ask guests to sit in a circle. Each guest, as their turn comes up, must shout out a baby name that starts with a letter of the alphabet. The first person will get “A” and shouts out “Angelina!” and so on. Each guest only gets three seconds and if they can’t come up with a name by then, they are eliminated. No repeats!

Diaper Game

When guests come in give them a little diaper baby shower favor that you have made. This should be a piece of cloth napkin wrapped as a diaper and secured on with a diaper pin. Everyone will ooh and ah at such a cute little favor. What they don’t know is that you have smeared chocolate inside one of the diaper favors. The person at the end of the festivities who opens theirs and finds the “dirty diaper” wins a prize. It’s great for a good laugh. Plus, the pins look cute as everyone is walking around.

Don’t Say It

As guests enter and walk around the baby shower, what’s the one word you’ll hear over and over? That’s right, “baby.” As a fun game, you can instruct everyone that they’re not allowed to say baby. If they do, they’re out. The person who has not said baby by the end of the party wins a prize.

Diaper Race

You’ll probably have both new moms and grandmothers at your shower. This is a fun way to see who can diaper and dress a baby the fastest. Start with two baby dolls. Add a pile of clothes that includes a diaper, socks, onesie, pants and hat. Start the race by having two ladies race against each other to dress their doll. Hilarious laughter will erupt as even the most seasoned ladies fumble.

On the spot Scrapbook

Have on hand a blank scrapbook and lots of baby decorations, markers, crayons, sequins, glue sticks, cutouts and other baby-themed cut outs. Allow each lady to create a scrapbook page for the new mom. When the book is finalized, give it to the new mom so she can include photos of the new baby. Another idea is to take digital photos of each lady at the shower and print them out at the party so each guest can glue their own snapshot in along with their message.

The whole idea of having games at the baby shower is to make everyone mingle and loosen up. Make sure your games are enjoyable for even the smallest attendees and that the older folks are also able to join in. Your shower will be such a success you may be asked to host the next family shower!

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