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Free Baby Shower Games

Published June 22, 2010        by Kim

If  Free Baby Shower Gamesyou're planning a baby shower on a budget, not only do we offer a wide selection of reasonably-priced shower favors, we also give you free baby shower games! Simply print one or two of your favorite games and enjoy!  The free games we offer are:

  1. Name The Nursery Rhyme - We list 20 short phrases included in popular nursery rhymes.  You may think it's easy to fill in the rest of the rhyme along with the title, but we've found a few that are pretty challenging.  Don't worry, we also provide an answer key!
  2. Baby Shower Word Jumble - 20 words associated with pregnancy and babies have been jumbled and it's up to your guests to decipher them.  To make this game even tougher, put a time limit on it.  The person who comes up with the most correct answers in 5 minutes takes home the prize.  Again, we provide the answer key in case there are a couple tough jumbles.
  3. Who Knows Mommy Best - See who knows the mother-to-be best by having guests answer questions like "What is mommy's favorite color?" or "What is mommy's shoe size?"  While guests work on their answers, have the mother-to-be fill in the correct answers.  You may be surprised at how much - or how little - guests know in a short time period!
  4. Baby Shower Categories Game - Similar to Scattergories, this popular game can be played individually or as a team.  Guests must come up with words that start with a specific letter and that fit into a specific baby-related category such as Baby Boy Names, Baby Products, Baby Food Flavors or Items Found in a Diaper Bag.
  5. Baby Shower Guest Discovery - A great ice-breaker, this game should be handed out to guests when they arrive.  As they mingle, they will try to find someone who shares their shoe size, who has gone on a blind date, etc.  The one who fills in the most answers wins!
  6. Baby Shower Purse Game - One of my personal favorites, this game rewards the guest with the most "junk" in her purse!  The sheet is basically a checklist of items - mundane to eccentric.  Guests receive points based on how many items are in her purse.  One point items include keys, a pen and a credit card.  Guests can earn 20 points if they are carrying a spoon, socks, earrings or a jar of baby food.
  7. Baby Animals Game - We've listed 25 adult animal names and your guests will have to fill in the baby name.  The animals start out easy (Cow/Calf), get a little more difficult (Goose/Gosling) and end up extremely challenging (Penguin/Fledgling).  The guest to score 25 out of 25 deserves a truly special prize!
  8. Baby Shower Bingo - The last free game we offer is also our most popular.  The game set includes 25 different bingo cards along with 75 bingo names.  Simply cut the names apart and place them in a hat.  Draw out names one at a time, then wait for someone to shout "BABY BINGO".  If you want to play more than one game, provide candies or diaper pins to cover the names as they are called.

Want more? Find more baby shower games!

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