Frog Themed Baby Shower

frog theme baby shower

Frog Themed Baby Shower

Green Froggy Baby Shower Ideas

One of the hottest trends right now is a frog theme baby shower. And why not, your guests will have a hoppin' good time when they see all these toadily awesome ideas at the baby shower your are planning.

The frog theme is easy to incorporate as many online and local party shops sell baby shower supplies that tie it all together. And when it comes to frogs, think green... green food, green partyware, green balloons, etc. In this article, I've put together some clever ideas that will have your guests glad that they hopped on over to your pad!!

Froggy Baby Shower Invitations

Frog Themed Baby Shower

When it comes to baby shower invitations, you have several options including making them yourself, buying inexpensive froggy themed fill-in-the blank invites, or purchasing fully personalized frog baby shower invitations like those shown in the photograph. When deciding which route to take with invitations, consider your budget and creativity. If you don't feel like spending tons of time designing your own invitations, just purchase them online or locally. Remember that customized invitations that are printed with all of the shower details can cost $1.50 to $3 each.

If you are crafty, designing frog invitations can be quite fun. Search around online to find templates or use scrapbook paper or card stock along with frog stickers to create one-of-a-kind shower invitations. Don't forget to add a fun verse like "Hop on over to (hostess name)'s pad for a Baby Shower! We'll be celebrating (mom's name) & (dad's name)'s new baby tadpole so stop on by for a toadily awesome time!"

If you click here, you can get instructions to create a really fun invitation idea!

Another great DIY idea is to buy those foam frog kits from any craft shop or cut-out your own frogs from green foam and add 2 black and white wiggly eyes and pink felt or curling ribbon for the tongue. Add a blue or pink ribbon around the frog's neck to signify that the baby shower invitation is for a little or girl or a baby boy.

Frog Themed Baby Shower

Frog Themed Tableware & Decorations

When it comes to decorations for a frog baby shower, think green!!! Green balloons, a green tablecloth and frog themed plates and napkins like those shown in the photo will set the stage for a great froggy themed event.

Take it a step farther and make your place look like a frog pond. Use shiny blue fabric as the table cover. Decorate with cattails, handmade lily-pads, and plastic frogs everywhere. You can even buy those motion-sensitive frogs that croak when someone walks buy them.

And for the centerpiece, consider having a diaper cake with a frog theme. Diaper cakes are great because they bring the theme together and act as the centerpiece at the shower, but they also do double-duty as a gift that any mom can use - diapers!

Frog Themed Food Ideas

One of my favorite ideas for a frog-themed shower is pond punch. Take one of your favorite punch recipes and doctor it up or add food color to create a blue colored punch. Blue kool-aid works well too. Buy some plastic lily-pads that have clean plastic frogs glued to them to float on top the punch bowl.

For food, again think green. Things like grasshopper pie, the classic green pistachio salad, and even green lettuce salads are great choices. Or how about green veggies like green peppers, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, etc with dip.

Fruit kabobs with green fruit such as granny smith apples, kiwis, green grapes, honeydew melon, and even perfect green pears would work well. Another fun idea are the celery sticks filled with peanut butter, but add some raisins on top to look like flies.

Or how about creating cucumber 'lily-pad' appetizers. Cut cucumbers into 3/8" thick rounds that are topped with a spoonful of soft cream cheese and a gummy frog.

Finally, you can make a large jellyroll pan full of green jello (use several packages) and make the jello according to directions. Once it is set, use a frog shaped cookie cutter to create finger jello frogs for party guests to eat. Cookie cutter baby shower favors in the shapes of frogs are a fun idea too. Just use one of them to make your sandwiches or cookies prior to the party.

Froggy Themed Cake Ideas

Froggy Themed Cake Ideas

Images by

Wilton has tons of fun frog cake ideas along with very detailed instructions that you can get by clicking here. Other easy ideas include baking 9" round cake along with 2 cupcakes. The round cake is frosted green to create the frog face while the 2 cupcakes sit next to the round cake at about 11 and 1 o'clock and are frosted white with black to create eyes. Pipe a pink mouth on the frog or use a piece of red licorice.

Fun Froggy Cupcakes

Frog cupcakes are easy to create as well or just buy some of the frog picks or frog-shaped candles from Amazon. The cupcake idea shown below is neat. Bake your favorite flavor of cupcake and then frost the cooled cupcakes with light-blue tinted icing to make it look like a pond. To create the two frog eyes, cut a great gum drop in half and then press a white chocolate chip or white round piece of confetti candy on each gumdrop, or you can use marshmallows like she did as well.

Frog Themed Baby Shower
Image by Little Family Fun

Video of a Cool Looking Frog Cake

Frog Baby Shower Games

Frog Baby Shower Games

When it comes to a frog theme, there are tons of options for baby shower games.

Leapfrog - A great game for a coed shower when the weather is warm and there is lots of room in the yard or park where the shower is being held. There really aren't winners or losers in this game - it is just a way to have some silly fun. Basically all the guests get down on the ground in a line while one person stands at the back and leaps over all the players on the ground (one by one) yelling ribbit if he or she chooses. When he/she gets to the end of the line, they kneel on the ground and the 'frog' at the back of the line jumps over the line in front of him/her. The game goes on and on with each player taking their turn as a frog. It is hilarious to see adults playing this game.

Musical Lilypad - A twist on the musical chairs game. Either make paper lilypads to lie on the floor or decorate the party chairs to look like lilypads with green covers and even some cat tails. Buy a CD with frog sounds to use as the music. There should be one less chair than people to start the game. Once the music starts, guests go round and round the pond until the music stops when they must sit on the closest lilypad. The guest without a pad is out of the game. Another pad is removed and the music starts again. The game goes on and on until just one player is left sitting on the last lilypad and they win the prize.

Number of Flies Game - Fill a jar with fake flies and have guests guess how many flies they think are in the jar. The guest that is closest to the correct number without going over wins the game.

Pin The Tongue on the Frog - Play this one like a classic pin the tail on the donkey game. Create a large poster board sized frog that you hang on the wall. Then make a bunch of frog tongues out of paper and give one to each guest. Have each guest take a turn being blind-folded and spun around a few times and then have them pin their tongue on the frog. The guest that gets there tongue closest to the correct spot wins the game.

Printable Baby Shower Games - An easy way to incorporate the frog-theme is to buy printable games that incorporate the theme in the border like those shown in the photo.

Frog Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Frog Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Send your guests back to their pads with a little something that will leave them hoppin' for joy. Some great favor ideas are frog-shaped soaps that can either be purchased online or homemade. Wrap them in some cellophane and add a personalized hang tag to make them extra special. You can use the same cellophane and tag idea to wrap frog shaped chocolate lollipops.

Many companies sell personalized candy wrappers and mint tins that can be customized with the name of the mom-to-be and the shower date. They have various frog themed designs.

Finally by utilizing stickers or hang tags with a froggy theme, you can make just about anything fit your theme. Consider lip balm, hand lotion, votive candles, small green plants and add one of these personalized stickers or tags to tie it all together.

Photo Credit: Frog Baby Shower Favors

Frog Themed Baby Shower Gifts

Frog Themed Baby Shower

If Mom & Dad are having a froggy themed nursery or if you want a gift that will do double-duty as the shower centerpiece, then consider giving a frog gift basket. These baskets come filled with all things frog including hooded towels, plush toys, onesies and other clothing, bibs, booties, photo albums, security blankets and so much more.

Bathtime baby gifts are also a great choice because many companies sell frog-shaped bath mittens along with matching 100% terry cloth hooded towels perfect for the new little frog prince.

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