Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Fun for Kids

Kids love to get involved in making crafts during the holidays. They get swept up in the joy and excitement of the season and want to be able to make cheap holiday gifts they can give out.

Providing craft materials to eager kids and guiding them through the process is not only a fun way to spend time with them, but it's also a great way to develop in them a desire to give from the heart.

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Gingerbread Houses

Tasty & Fun Activity

Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Is there anything more enchanting at the holidays than a decorated gingerbread house with Christmas candy? These houses, which originated in Germany, have now become a staple of Christmas in America.

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While baking your own gingerbread house may seem daunting, it's really not that hard. But if you prefer, you can buy kits at craft stores that include everything you need to make a completed house-including the baked holiday cookies. These kits are fun because you don't have to run to the store for things you might have forgotten. The walls come together straight and kids can practically do them all by themselves, although you will want to supervise.

Consider hosting a gingerbread house-making party in your neighborhood. Have everyone bring their own kit and let the kids get together and create some holiday magic. Plan to take your children to a local gingerbread house show or festival if there is one nearby. It will inspire them for next year.

Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Felt Ornaments

Deck the Halls

The craft stores are now stocking wonderful felt ornaments that kids will find easy to make. Many require no sewing at all (and those that require sewing are simple for an adult). Try making a whole Nativity set out of felt or a set of ornaments in a theme from a felt kit. These are great for around your home, or for giving as neat holiday gifts.

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Many come with sequins and beads that kids can use to embellish their creations. You'll find you will take these ornaments out every year, so mark the date in indelible ink on the backs.

As your kids head off to their own families someday, you can give them a box of ornaments they made as a way to start their own family Christmas holiday decor.

DIY Felt Ornaments

Painted Wooden Ornaments

Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Take Time & Make Ornaments

Again, visit a favorite craft store and you will find an array of balsa wood ornaments that kids can paint. These are fun because they have simple lines and include everything you need. You can have them painted, dried, and on the tree in one afternoon. Kids like to see a project that they can complete from start to finish in a short amount of time. And you'll have a beautiful collection of their hand-done artwork to showcase year after year.

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The selection in craft stores has really gotten good. You can now find just about every shape and theme of wooden ornaments you can imagine. Why not do a whole circus menagerie or a scene from The Nutcracker? It's so easy and will look like you spent a long time planning it all out.

Fun Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

The Power of Craft Kits

Don't Feel Guilty - These are Great!

Whatever you decide to make with children, don't feel you have to run around grabbing all the materials and building something from scratch. It doesn't make it any more fun for the kids, and it's really not necessary.

Craft kits are perfect for busy families and they simplify the craft-making process. And with the hundreds of kits to choose from, you never have to make the same thing twice. Look online or at dollar stores for great deals on these.

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