Fun Halloween Invitation Ideas

Fun Halloween Invitation Ideas

Halloween Party Invitations

Fun Halloween Invitation Ideas

So You Want to Be Spooky

There is so much you can do to liven up a simple invitation to a Halloween Party. You can make them as wild and crazy or as upscale as you like.

You can do them yourself or have them printed for you. The invitation sets the tone for the party, so send out cool and crafty invitations that will get everyone ready for a night of spook-alicious fun.

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Online Invitations

Fun Halloween Invitation Ideas

Why Not?

Online invitations are now fully acceptable. You no longer have to print and mail an invitation to a party unless you want to. Many sites online offer ways to design a Halloween party invitation and then email it to all the recipients.

This is a fun way to go especially if you are short on time. It will also save you money on postage that you can put back into the Halloween treats or decorations. Just be sure to have everyone RSVP to your email box so you know they're coming.

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Hand Delivery

Fun Halloween Invitation Ideas

Make it Special

If you can hand deliver your invitations, you have a lot of options. Why not make up a slip of paper with your invite details and attach it with twine to a small gourd? You can find gourds at the grocery store during the fall season or at orchards. Pick different shapes and sizes or just do all tiny pumpkins.

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Leave them on people's doorsteps or in their mailboxes. You can also do small broomsticks from the craft store or small plastic black cat figurines. Anything you can tie a piece of paper to can become part of your printable DIY invitation.

Neat Invitation for Halloween

Fun Halloween Invitation Ideas
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Slider Card-Graveyard Gala

Pumpkin-ize It

Fun Halloween Invitation Ideas


Why not decoupage your invitation to a Halloween pumpkin and deliver it. You can print your invitation information from your computer. Then, cut it out and adhere it with Mod Podge or other decoupage medium. Let it dry and then cover your pumpkin with any other cutouts or decorations you'd like. Make triangle eyes, nose and mouth out of black construction paper and Mod Podge it on for a face. Grace your guests' doorsteps with your lovely and innovative invitation.

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Special Cookies

Fun Halloween Invitation Ideas

Personalize It

Another idea is to make bat or ghost Halloween cookies, decorate them and then place them in a box with your invitation.

You can buy very thin boxes designed for cookies and include a small card with your invitation inside the box. Add some craft straw for padding.

This is especially fun if you can deliver them all on one day (like at a school for your child's class). You only need to include one cookie for this to be an exciting invitation.

Edible Invites

Creative Flair

Fun Halloween Invitation Ideas

Add It On

Get a bunch of eyeball bouncy balls at the dollar store or toy store. Place one in a box with straw and your invitation details. Deliver and listen for the oohs and aahs as your recipient opens it.

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Get dog bones at the pet store and attach your Halloween invitations with ribbon or string to them. The white rawhide ones will work best and look like bones from a skeleton. Your recipients will really get a kick out of them.

If you want to go traditional, you can hand cut your cards. Make ghost or pumpkin shapes out of construction paper and then hand write your details. A simple manila envelope makes the perfect mailer. If you use crafting items like glitter, raffia and googly eyes, it will make your invitation come alive.

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