Fun Summer Birthday Gift Ideas

Margaritaville Gift Basket

Margaritaville Gift Basket

There are few things quite as fun as a summer birthday. It’s the perfect excuse to celebrate during those warm summer months. Throw in some cold beverages, a barbeque, and maybe a bit of homemade ice cream, and you have the ideal party waiting to happen.

Wondering what the perfect summer birthday gift ideas might be? Here are a few to get you started.

  • Beach Survival Kit: If that special someone has a trip to the beach planned during the course of the summer, a beach survival kit is a great birthday present. Start with a large tote bag that is perfect for beach excursions, then get creative. Throw in snacks, sunscreen, an umbrella, a towel, even some sand and water toys for a bit of added fun. Top it off with a gift card to a restaurant or bar near the beach, too, for a relaxing evening after a long day at the beach.
  • Grill-tastic Gift Basket: Summer means time to light the grill, and this birthday gift basket can be as packed as you’d like it to be. If you want to stay simple, pot holders, tongs, and a grill brush make a wonderful gift package. If you’d like to get something a bit more intense, throw in rubs, barbeque sauces, unique grill tools, or even grill-centric cookbooks like those from barbeque enthusiasts like Steven Raichlen.
  • A Reading List: Summer is the time for reading, so create the perfect reading list for your gift recipient. Along with the summer reading list, though, throw in a few of those books, a gift certificate to a local book store, a reading light, and some great book-side snacks to go along with the reading experience. Add in some audio books or even some ebook download codes to complete the best book gift basket ever.
  • The Summer Bar Kit: There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a cool drink on a hot summer day, so put together a summer drink kit as a gift. This can be fairly simple if you throw in a cocktail shaker, your favorite drink recipe, and the ingredients. You can make it really special, though, if you add in a new blender, a set of glasses, a few drink recipes, some margarita mix, and a few of your other favorite ingredients. Either way, it will make for delicious summer evenings.
  • Tickets: Summer is the time to see concerts, outdoor theatre performances, and more. Consider picking up a set of front row seats to a show that the person on your list will really enjoy. If you can’t find a show or you’re not sure which one to get tickets to, outlets like TicketMaster offer easy to use gift cards.
  • A Weekend Road Trip: Summer is the perfect time for travel, so consider giving that special someone a road trip as a gift. You don’t have to go too far to make it worthwhile. The nearest big city could make a great destination. Hit museums, roadside attractions, and great gifts. Don’t forget to top the whole experience off with luxury accommodations, too.

Summer is the best time for a birthday. A great gift will only help top things off.

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