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Fun Valentine's Day Party Games for Adults

Published January 22, 2010        by Rae Ann

Adult Valentine Party GamesHow about hosting a Valentine's Day Party this year? If you're getting a group together for Valentine's Day, here are a couple fun game ideas to keep things interesting!

Lovers Lifesaver Relay Game - Before the party, buy a roll of lifesaver candies (red and white for Valentine's Day). To start,  evenly split the party guests into groups of 3 or more players. Have the players for each group line up in a straight line then give each of the players a toothpick that they hold in their mouth (no HANDS allowed). Give the first person in each group's line a lifesaver candy which they hang on the toothpick in their mouth. Once you yell start, the first player in line passes the lifesaver from their toothpick to the toothpick of the next player in line (without using their hands). They pass it to the next and so on until the last person in line has the lifesaver on their toothpick. The first team to get the lifesaver to the end of their relay line wins the game! NOTE: During the game if the lifesaver falls to the ground or someone uses their hands, the team must start all over at the beginning with the lifesaver on the first player's toothpick.

Valentine Suck & Blow Card Game - A great game for a bunch of single people! This hilarious game requires 8 or more players and is best pif you have an even number of people and equal number of men and women so that people can sit boy-girl-boy-girl. Have the party goers sit in a tight circle very close to one another because they will be passing cards with NO HANDS. Give a card from a standard or heart-shaped deck of playing cards to one of the people in the group. The goal is to pass the card to the next person in line without dropping it. The first person holds the card to their mouth by sucking on it like a vacuum, they pass it to the person on the right by placing the card on their mouth so that neighbor will need to suck on the card to hold it while the first person blows (releasing the suction) to let go of the card. Don't drop the card or you'll be kissing the person sitting next to you! This game is sure to get lots of laugh!

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