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Fun Valentine's Day Party Games for Kids

Published January 30, 2010        by Rae Ann

Conversation_HeartsAre you looking for some fun party game ideas for Valentine's Day this year?  Here are some great games for kids of all ages that are perfect for a classroom party, Valentine Birthday, or any Valentine's Day get-together.  Conversation hearts from

Steal My Heart Game -Here's a game that really takes some hand-eye coordination!  Simply purchase a couple large bags of Valentine candy conversation hearts and some chopsticks. Place the candy in a large bowl at the center of a table. Have the kids take a spot around the table then give each child a set of chopsticks.  The goal is to 'steal' as many hearts from the big bowl of candy as possible. You can either give them individual small bowls to store their stolen hearts or tell them to make a pile right in front of them. Make sure to tell them they can only use the chopsticks - NO HANDS!  Set a timer for 3 minutes and the child with the most hearts in their bowl or in front of them when time runs out wins a Valentine prize!

Valentine Memory Game - Purchase one or two bags of candy conversation hearts. Prepare for the game by pouring the candies out and going through them to find pairs of hearts that are identical (same color and same saying). When you are ready to play the game, lay all the pairs of hearts face down on the table. Explain tot he kids that the goal is to find pairs of hearts that have the same saying and color (you might want to show them an example). Go around the circle having each child taking a turn by flipping over two hearts. If they get a pair, they get to take another turn until they miss. When they miss, the hearts get flipped back over (face down). The child with the most pairs when all of the hearts are matched wins the game and a Valentine themed gift.

Pin The Arrow on Cupid - Who can help Cupid get ready to shoot his arrow of love? Buy a large piece of poster board then draw a picture of cupid holding a bow on the poster board. (Online clipart sites are a great visual guide.) Hang the poster board on the wall being sure to have the location at hand height for the kids. Give each child an arrow made out of construction paper. Put double sided sticky tape or a adhesive glue dot on the back of the arrows. To play, blindfold each child, give them a spin around and have them try to pin the arrow on Cupid's bow. The child that gets closest to the intended location wins.