Funny and Bizarre August Holidays 2010

August Funny and Bizarre August Holidays 2010August is just around the corner!  Soon school will be starting, the weather will start changing . . . but what is happening during the month of August?  There are plenty of silly holidays and observances in August that makes every day a holiday!

August 1 - Friendship Day and Girlfriend's Day and Sister's Day

August 3 - Watermelon Day (I'll be celebrating!)

August 4 - National Chocolate Chip Day

August 5 - International Beer Day AND National Underwear Day (I see a connection!)

August 6 - National Fresh Breath Day

August 7 - National Mustard Day

August 10 - S'Mores Day

August 13 - Blame Someone Else Day

August 15 - National Relaxation Day

August 18 - Cupcake Day

August 20 - Men's Grooming Day (Just one Day?)

August 21 - Hug Your Boss Day

August 24 - National Waffle Day

August 25 - Kiss and Make Up Day

August 30 - Toasted Marshmallow Day

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