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Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, the holidays, or another special occasion, there are few demographics that appreciate gag gifts quite as much as the teen audience does. As you search for the perfect gag gift for that teen in your life, you may want to keep a few rules in mind.

  1. Make sure your gift is appropriate. While there are always going to be gag gifts that border the inappropriate, some will be completely so for teens. What may be appropriate for a nineteen year old college freshman certainly won’t be so for a thirteen year old girl. The socially inappropriate is often perfect for a gag gift. The excessive generally isn’t. What’s more, though, is that you should keep the audience in mind as well. If parents and grandparents might be at the event, you may want to make your choice a little more wisely.
  2. Make sure your gift isn’t mean spirited. Gag gifts are meant to be given in fun. They should create laughter and an amiable atmosphere. They should not make the recipient feel bad in any way. If you’re giving a gift that’s meant to be a jab, think twice about it, as the recipient probably won’t find it quite as funny as you do, especially given how high teen emotions can often run.
  3. Make sure it’s funny! You don’t want the recipient to open a gift that’s not hilarious, so do your research well. There are lots of gag gift choices out there that have been around forever and just aren’t funny anymore. Pick something unique and interesting so the recipient will actually have a good laugh.

Not sure exactly what to buy? You may want to start your search at brick and mortar shops that carry gag gifts. There aren’t that many left, but most metro areas have one or two big name gag gift shops. If you don’t find anything there, you may want to turn to some of the more popular online outlets to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re still stuck for ideas, here are a few that may help get your creative juices flowing.

  • Zombie Anything: Teens love almost anything zombie these days, and there are lots of great gag gifts that surround this trend. From zombie survival guides to kits to hilarious shirts, if you can find the right zombie gift, you’re going to get a solid laugh out of it.
  • Towel Clothes: Teens notoriously have trouble getting ready and heading to school in the morning, so why not go with towel clothes? They can step out of the shower, into an outfit, and head for school all in one movement.
  • All Things Gas: Passing gas is one of the funniest concepts for teens, and there are tons of products that work with this idea. From farting garden gnomes to underwear with built in gas filters, these are all great ideas for teens. Beware, though – teen boys find these gifts far funnier than teen girls do.

The perfect gag gift for a teen is just around the corner with ideas like these. Shop early so you’ll have plenty of time to get the ideal gift before the occasion pops up.

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