Gender Neutral Baby Gift Ideas

Owl Always Love You GiftWhy choose gender neutral baby gifts?  Many parents opt to keep the gender of their baby a secret or to let it be a surprise to everyone, including them, until the birth day.  Other times, eager friends and family members can’t wait to find out and need to buy baby some gifts right away!  No matter what the situation, here are some adorable gender neutral baby gift ideas to give you some inspiration for your shopping trip.

Baby blankets, onesies, and bedding.  Traditionally, pink was for girls, and blue was for boys.  If you don’t know, or do not choose to be limited to two colors, select items in more neutral shades including: yellow, green, white, brown, and orange.  These tones can be bright or calming, and they suit baby boys and girls perfectly.  Red is another one that you can add: both genders look adorable in red – and they love to look at bright, bold colors.

The advantage of neutral-colored items is that they can be passed on to a sibling, cousin, friend, or relative when it is outgrown, and you do not have to worry about giving a boy pink sheets.

Hand and foot cast kit.  Proud parents and grandparents want to remember how tiny their precious baby’s hands were, whether boy or girl.  This is a great gift because parents can keep it or, in turn, give it to a relative.

Toys.  Babies do not distinguish between “boy” toys and “girl” toys.  If they see something they like, they play with it!  Regardless of gender, babies tend to prefer bright colors and patterns with contrast.  Black spots on a red background, green stripes on a purple background – these are the types of eye-catchers babies respond to best.  You can also get neutral-toned stuffed or plushy buddies, such as a yellow giraffe or a green turtle.

Teethers. Girls and boys both teeth the same – and it often involves lots of crying!  Buy a few different teething toys to help baby (and her/his) parents pull through.  Again, babies do not care about the color, but if you prefer, you can stick to neutral tones.

Books.  All babies love hearing the voice of their parents and close friends and family.  Some gender neutral favorites include Good Night, Moon, Guess How Much I Love You, The Going to Bed Book, and I Kissed the Baby.  The list of great choices goes on and on.

Essentials.  No matter what their gender, babies need the same basic supplies, including diapers, wipes, diaper cream, baby shampoo/wash, baby nail clippers, washcloths, burp clothes, receiving blankets, bibs, and feeding supplies (depending on whether parents bottle feed, breastfeed, or do a combination).  Many of these come in neutral packaging, so you needn’t worry about boy-girl color schemes.

Thermometer. Every household with children should have a thermometer. Invest in one made specifically for babies.

Something for Mom and Dad. Parents are still going to be up at night, still going to be tired, and still going to be busy, whether they have a boy or a girl.  Including a gift for Mom and Dad is a great idea.  Whether it is a gift card for take-out or a coupon for your babysitting services, they will appreciate the thought.

When you do not know the gender of the baby, it need not limit your gift-giving.  Today, there is a wide variety of gorgeous gender neutral baby items, and you can expand into oranges, reds, and browns for a broader color palette. You may not be able to buy an adorable dress or a baby bib that says, “Mommy’s little boy,” but you can find plenty of other meaningful, useful gifts for the baby.

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