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curious george Get Well Gift Ideas For KidsIf a child in your life is sick, you’ll want to give them something to cheer them up and make them feel better. A broke arm or a case of the Chicken Pox can really get a youngster’s spirits down. When you show up with a get well gift for a child, the day is instantly brighter.

Some good ideas for gifts in the hospital are board games and toys that don’t make a lot of noise. A stuffed animal is always welcomed, but just check with the nurses as some floors can’t have stuffed animals due to infection precautions. But most times you’ll be invited to come in with your furry gift. Balloons also make kids smile. Most kids don’t really care about flowers, but a balloon is big time fun. Choose a shiny Mylar one in a fun shape and you’ll see the mood lifting.

Before you bring over candy or cookies or other goodies, check to see if the child has a restricted diet. For tonsils, ice cream is still the best remedy. Ask what flavor is the child’s favorite and then bring over a carton.

Other fun get well gifts for a bed-ridden child are DVD's they can watch to pass the time. Buy something that they don’t already have and is popular at the time. You may have to ask mom or dad if they already own a particular title. Show up with microwave popcorn and juice and you can make an afternoon of movie watching with the child.

Even if a child is older, you can still surprise them with a fun toy. Many games of mind skill will allow them to still rest in bed while playing. You can alsoGet well kids Get Well Gift Ideas For Kids be the hero of the day and show up with a new Wii or Nintendo game. Again, find out what the child already has.

While adults might like a good novel, check to see what the child enjoys reading before showing up with a book. You might think that a child would like a particular author, but you may be way off on their reading level and interests. Give them the book they really want by asking ahead what’s on their wish list. Often you can surprise them with several books in a new series and they’ll be entertained for hours.

It’s not a bad idea to bring over a new pair of comfy pajamas. If the child has to stay in bed, they might as well have new pjs. Bring slippers too so they’ll be ultra-snuggly. If you’re unsure of sizes ask or buy a bigger and a smaller size and you can always return one.

Sometimes all you need to do is show up to brighten a sick child’s day. Make them a homemade card with glitter and ribbons and hand deliver it. Include photos or make a little book for them to read that includes a story about a girl or boy with their name. They’ll love hearing a story with their own name in it. It’s the little things and the thought that counts sometimes. Don’t feel like you have to show up with an expensive item just to visit a sick child. You will be a welcome sight whether you come bearing candy baskets or not. And if you’re far away, be sure to send something in the mail as children love getting mail.

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  1. Comfort and fun are key things to consider when getting a get well present for kids, to make their recovery period a little less blah and a little more uplifting. 🙂

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