Get Well Gift Ideas For Post-Surgery Patients

Get Well Gift Ideas For Post-Surgery Patients

Get Well Gift Ideas For Post-Surgery Patients

Feel Better Ideas

Get Well Gift Ideas For Post-Surgery Patients

If you have a loved one or friend who has just had surgery, you'll want to send a sentiment of your concern and well wishes. This can be a card or if you prefer, a get well gift.

In some cases, you may want to send both. Sometimes, however, you don't know what to send and can worry that you'll send the wrong thing. Here are some ideas on what you can gift a post-surgical patient with.

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Floral Arrangements

Sending flowers is usually appropriate. Unless the patient is in the Intensive Care Unit, it's usually fine to send a vase of flowers. Don't send long stemmed roses or stemmed flowers that will need a vase which may be in short supply at a hospital. Send an arrangement that is already put together in a nice vase.

Try not to send an over-sized arrangement as the person will have to get it home somehow and may have other bouquets to take home as well. Always check with the nursing staff if you are at all uncertain as to whether your gift of flowers is acceptable for the patient's condition. There are sometimes restrictions on certain hospital floors.

Not sure what flowers to send? Or maybe the patient is allergic to certain ones. In that case, why not send a get well cookie bouquet? It's a great way to send them something unique.


Get Well Gift Ideas For Post-Surgery Patients

Or No Sweets

Avoid sending candy or chocolate gifts. A person who has just come out of surgery is not in the mood for sugary treats.

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However, sometimes if extended family stays with the patient for long periods of time, it can be a nice idea to have candies or sweet items for them to snack on. It's your call, just use your judgment off of how well you know the patient and family.

Make Hot Chocolate - As a Get Well Gift


Get Well Gift Ideas For Post-Surgery Patients

Fake or Real

If you are going to the hospital, you can bring an arrangement of pretty silk flowers or a plant. These differ from the traditional flower arrangement in that they last much longer. The silk arrangement is ideal because it will travel well to their home after they leave the hospital and it will last forever. There's no danger of it spilling over or getting damaged in transit.

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A plant is a nice idea for much the same reason. It is more permanent than fresh flowers, requires little care, and will look lovely longer. It's also easier to transport than a vase full of flowers. Choose a plant that's easy to keep alive under normal household conditions.

Avoid anything like an iris or specialized plant that requires frequent attention. The last thing your recipient may want to do is worry about a plant dying.

Comfy Hospital Wear

Comfort is Key

If you are going to the hospital, you can also bring over a nice bed jacket for a lady who wants a little modesty during her hospital stay. She may not want to receive visitors in her hospital gown and a short bed jacket is perfect for the situation.

Beyond that, why not bring some comfy slippers, or a colorful blanket. Something to spruce up how they are feeling and to take a step away from the hospital 'standard' wear.

Surprise Them With Soup - Homestyle Cookin'

Reading Materials

Get Well Gift Ideas For Post-Surgery Patients

Mind Fillers

For the reader in your life, you can bring books or magazines. Try to pick something they'd like but that isn't too deep or on a heavy subject. Keep it light.

If you know he loves car magazines, or she loves fashions, by all means bring them a stack of the current issues. You can also throw some crossword puzzles or Sudoku books into the get well gift basket for some extra time killers.

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More Great Get Well Gift Ideas

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Visiting & Staying

Get Well Gift Ideas For Post-Surgery Patients

Etiquette for Visitors

If you're visiting a post-operative patient, remember that they will tire quickly so limit your visit. They may be too polite (or drugged) to tell you that they want and need their rest. Keep it short and sincere and then make your exit. The last thing a hospital patient wants to do is entertain.

And if you arrive when other visitors are there, wait in the hall so that the patient isn't bombarded with several visitors at once.

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