Get Well Gift Ideas For Women

Get Well Gift Ideas for Women

Get Well Gift Ideas for Women

Feel Better Soon!

When the lady of the house falls ill, most people don't know what to do. If she's the wife, mom and caretaker the whole operation of the house can come to a standstill. This is the perfect time for you to send over a thoughtful and well-planned get well gift.

If you're part of the household, do your best to gift your lady with your help in the household. That can go miles towards making her feel better. Do laundry, take the kids to the park so she can rest, or vacuum the floors and change the beds.


Get Well Gift Ideas For WomenBring a Meal

Save the Day With Food

If you're not part of the household, send over a meal or pasta gift basket for a woman you know won't be able to get up and cook. It can be as simple as a casserole but your thoughtfulness will be much appreciated.

Anything you can send over or do to take responsibilities off her while she's sick is a great idea. Just don't insist. She may not want the help but at least you offered it.


The Gift of Fragrance

The Smell of Recovery

But what if you want to give something a little more personal, go for a lightly fragranced powder or talc. It will help perk up her spirits. Stay away from highly scented perfumes as she may not care for the scent. But something with a light, sweet hint of fragrance is a good idea.


Make Your Own Gift Basket

Get Well Gift Ideas For Women

Sick Clothes

Comfort is Key

Slipper and pjs are nice touches for a get well gift basket. A lady will love having a new set especially if she is confined to bed.

If you are intending to bring them to someone in a rehab center or nursing home, so much the better. Having a new outfit to rest in will be a welcome change.

Not sure where to shop for comfy and fashionable slippers and pjs? Try Aerie, Victoria's Secret, Kohl's, or Target. These stores all have a nice selection to choose from.


Flowers or a Plant

Pretty Things to Look At

Flowers are always welcome, but send a vase arrangement instead of stemmed flowers. That way, the recipient won't have to get up and arrange them when she may not feel up to it. And flowers in a vase will last longer as well. You can also send a plant will last the longest of all and cheer her on her windowsill or bedside table.

Get Well Gift Ideas For Women

Candy or Chocolate

Tasty Treats to Defeat

Get well candy and chocolates may be appropriate depending on the illness. If she's not very ill and not a diabetic or allergic, go ahead and spoil her with fancy chocolates and gourmet get well cookies. Even if she doesn't eat them she can offer them to guests who visit her.


A Nice Card

Says a Million Words

A nice card will always be in good taste when you know that someone is ill. Don't avoid sending a card because you don't know what to say. Just be sincere and make sure you get that card in the mail as soon as possible.

Often, people procrastinate and then find the person is already recovered (or worse) and they never sent their sentiments. Don't have time to get to the store? Make your own! This is one of those times where it's the thought that counts.


The Gift of a Helping Hand

Offer Your Time and Services

If you can offer to take someone's kids for the day or walk their dog, this is often the best kind of gift you can give. A gift of your company can also be most welcomed. Show up with a funny DVD and popcorn and you may make the person's day.


Cheer Them Up With This Video

A Little Background

On Giving Get Well Gifts

Always check with a friend or relative as to how serious the illness is. You don't want to come off as inappropriate or ignorant by sending something that doesn't fit the situation. If someone is gravely ill, send a card or a letter and leave it at that. Don't send ostentatious balloons or festive flowers.

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