Gift Basket Ideas for Women

Woman basket Gift Basket Ideas for WomenWhenever you need a gift for a lady in your life, think gift basket. There’s nothing more fun or easier to put together than a basket based on her likes. Everyone is different, so be sure that you have a good idea of what your recipient likes before you set about creating your gift basket for her. You can’t go wrong if you include things that you really are certain she likes.

The best way to craft a basket is to spend some time with the person it’s going to be for. If it’s your best friend, you probably have a good idea already of what she likes and can go ahead and put together an awesome basket. But if it’s a co-worker or a relative you hardly ever see, think about spending time fishing for ideas while she’s around. Bring up different topics and see if you can hit on something she really is passionate about. Then you can create your entire basket around it.

Does the lady in your life have kids? Then she can probably use a “Me Time” gift basket. Give her things that she can use only for herself when she needs a little break. Give her some sweetly-scented bubble bath or decadent dark chocolate. Throw in a book that’s just her type whether it’s romance or historical fiction. The kids won’t want to touch it. Include a gift card for a manicure as well as a new shade of nail polish and a set of emery boards. A pampering foot scrub that she can soak her feet in will make the day’s cares fade away.

You can also give gift certificates to her favorite store. If she always mentions when a certain store has its sales, then she’s a frequent shopper. She’ll love a gift certificate wrapped up with a gas card so she can fill up her tank before her shopping excursions. Include a survival pack for when she’s shopping. This can include bottled water, gum, coffee basket Gift Basket Ideas for Womencandy, a few dollars for a slice of pizza or any other fun item. Pack it all in a fanny pack or a cross body handbag. She’ll love it because she’ll have her hands free to shop. This is a great gift for the avid shopper who really does shop ‘til she drops.

If you have an avid reader on your list, think about including a Kindle e-reader in a basket. Have it stocked with titles you know she’s been wanting to read, or include a gift certificate so she can choose her own titles. If you’re crafty, make her a case for her new Kindle. Or buy one pre-made. Give her the whole thing along with a gift certificate to a coffee shop or a pound of coffee and a new mug.

The “me” gift baskets work best. If you just throw in unrelated items, it will look disjointed and not very well thought out. The theme will tie it all together and make sense. It will look like a really well-intentioned gift that you took the time to make. You can also order specialty gift baskets online that are themed and have women in mind. All the work is already done for you.

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