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gift for daycare provider

day care provider gifts

Your child’s daycare provider deserves a great gift for all the hard work and love she provides your child. You should give a gift that is thoughtful and will be appreciated by the daycare provider. Out of ideas? I’ve compiled some ideas that would be perfect for a daycare worker gift.


Thank You Gifts for Daycare Providers

Thanks A Million Care Package

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“Thank You” gifts are so much fun because the receiver is never expecting it. Your child’s daycare worker will be so honored to know that you are thankful for all that she has done for your child. The Thanks a Million Care Package will show her your appreciation. It includes shortbread cookies, spicy almonds, caramel corn, wafer cookies, pretzel sticks, Werther’s candy, Ghirardelli chocolate, and coffee.

Another thank you gift could be the World of Thanks gift basket. It comes with an insulated travel cup that says, “Work Hard Dream Big,” and some all-natural, gluten-free, vegan snacks. If your child goes to a childcare center, you know their daycare provider travels with her coffee in the morning.


Encouragement Gifts for Daycare Providers

You're a Star Gift Box

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One idea for an encouragement gift is the You’re a Star Gift Box. It is a movie star themed gift box, with an image of a clapperboard and projector with a movie reel on the outside of the basket. The basket is filled with snacks and cappuccino. Everyone can use some encouragement, and this kind of gift box shows that you have faith in what they are doing.


Another gift basket that will encourage your child’s daycare provider is the Mini Coffee Break Gift Basket. It has crackle cookies, biscotti, coffee candy, almond flavored coffee, and hazelnut coffee syrup. You know a daycare provider would love this gift because she will definitely need energy and encouragement to do her job.


Goodbye Gifts for Daycare Providers

Miss You Beary Much Gourmet Cookie Bouquet

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Eventually, your child won’t need daycare anymore, and you’ll be saying goodbye to their provider. You can show her how much she will be missed by gifting the Miss you Beary Much Gourmet Cookie Bouquet. I really like this one because you can personalize the message on the cookie, telling the provider exactly how you’re feeling. A personalized message will mean so much to her.

Is there anything better than chocolate? The All Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift box is just what it sounds like. It is filled with all things Ghirardelli, including treats and hot cocoa. It’s a sweet, practical way of saying goodbye to a daycare provider.

A daycare provider will be appreciative of a Monogrammed Colorful Canvas Tote Bag, and it’ll be a way to remember taking care of your child. You could take it a step further and fill the bag with all of her favorite things, making it that much more memorable.


Holiday Gifts for Daycare Providers

The Spa Treatment Gift Box

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Holiday gifts for daycare providers should show them how important they are in your child’s life. A daycare worker will appreciate a gift that will help them relax and the Spa Treatment Gift Box is perfect for that. It comes with a mini candle gift set, eye mask pads, lotion, foot file, nail brush, bath gel, loofah, bubble bath, and bath salts. All things to help the daycare worker relax after a long day.

Another great holiday gift for a daycare worker is the It’s A Redbox Movie Night Gift. This gift comes in a cute little box with a Redbox gift card and a ton of candy and snacks. It would be perfect for any holiday and is a neutral gift that everyone would like.

The Game Time Boredom Buster Box is so much fun and your daycare provider will be able to enjoy it with her own family during a holiday weekend. It has a couple of games and a bunch of snacks.


Birthday Gift Ideas for Daycare Provider

Chocoholic Survival Kit

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Let’s all admit that taking care of kids is hard work. Your child’s daycare worker deserves a Chocoholic Survival Kit for her birthday. It contains so many different kinds of chocolatey treats, how could she not love your gift?

Some of the best birthday gift ideas a daycare providers are gifts like the Birthday Book Tool Kit. This one is great because it comes with a paperback book of your choice. It also comes with crossword and word search books, a coffee mug that says, “Today is the Day”, snacks, and a balloon. The book customization will only make it that much more personal.


So Many Ways to Give

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It can be difficult to decide on a gift for your child’s daycare provider, but these ideas should help. There are many different options, and you can personalize them to make it a more meaningful gift. Find something that will fit the daycare worker's personality if you know her well enough. If not, choose something more generic. Either way, you'll be able to find a gift she will love. Which daycare worker gift did you like the best?

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