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Gift Ideas For College Students

Published November 10, 2014        by Matt

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Gift ideas for a college student
Photo credit: Jonathan Pobre / Foter / CC BY-NC

Looking for great Christmas or birthday gift ideas for a college student? We know that kids in college are usually very difficult to buy for, so we've put together some of our favorite college student picks. This year, stop giving them them discount DVD's, CD's or clothes and try any of these great gift ideas that they'll love receiving. Gift cards are so impersonal. Think about your son, daughter or grandchild's interests and you are sure to find a gift that fits their personality and style perfectly. And as a side note, many of these items would make great graduation gifts as well!

Practical College Student Gift Ideas

When trying to think of gift ideas for your college student, consider a practical gift that will make their life at school a bit easier or fun. Keep in mind that practical doesn't necessarily mean boring....their are many useful gift ideas that will end up being used everyday as your college student navigates through life. As we all know, most students don't have a lot of pocket cash so they might need some practical items that they just haven't been able to afford. Consider a bluetooth speaker dock, a water filtration pitcher or set of water bottles, a George Foreman grill, insulated lunch coolers for kids on the go, or a mini fridge for a gift that your college student is sure to appreciate.

Cool Laptop Bags

These days a laptop is essentially required for most college students so a bag that can accommodate both the computer and books is a must-have. College kids have their life on that little lap top - their class notes, papers, social networking account info, social calendar, phone numbers, etc. Therefore, their laptop bag must adequately protect the computer as well as house the carrying cases, flash drives, battery pack and other computer essentials.
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 Gift Ideas For College Students

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 Gift Ideas For College Students

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 Gift Ideas For College Students

College Care Package Ideas

When you are missing your son or daughter, here are some great care package ideas that will help cheer them up, enable them to celebrate a holiday, and even ease the transition from home to college for all those new freshman. College care packages will be appreciated by the student and Mom will feel like she is still able to help her child even if she lives miles away. Care packages can be put together by Mom & Dad themselves or they can purchase them online and have them delivered to the college. In either case, be sure to check with the campus mail room about how the package should be addressed. UPS and FedEx normally have to deliver packages to a central campus location so without the proper information on the package, it could get delayed in the mail room resulting in a delivery delay to the student. All that being said, here are some creative ideas for a few different reasons or occasions for gift giving:

1. Holiday Care Packages - With many students living miles from home, you sometimes won't get to share family holidays like Easter and Halloween together like you did when your child lived at home. To help make the holiday festive, you can send them a fresh-baked cookie gift basket, an holiday basket full of goodies or even a seasonal care package.

2. Final Exam or Mid-Term Care Packages - Students are usually stressed out and run down during mid-term and final exam week so what better time to send them a healthy gift basket or care package full of their favorite snacks. You can put it together yourself or order it online at one of the many gift basket companies. Some snacks and drinks are sure to energize them during their studies. There are a wide range of snack care packages available for purchase online today with themes for the coffee lover who needs caffeine, to all-natural nutritious goodie baskets that include fruit and energy bars.

College care packages

3. Birthday Gift Ideas - Even though your child is in college, that doesn't mean that they won't be celebrating with their friends like they used to celebrate at home with their family. You can still join in the fun by sending a birthday cake or party in a box that includes candles, party blowers and party hats for several people. Other options would be a birthday candy bouquet with balloons or a big basket of birthday cookies. Be sure to send enough treats so that your son or daughter can share with their new college friends.

4. Study Break Gifts - Every once in a while, you should encourage your student to put the books down and have some good, clean fun with their friends. Perhaps send the game Cranium or Taboo (or one of the other party games that we've suggested below). Both are great games for a group and outrageously fun. Put the game and a few of their favorite snacks in a gift box and ship it to them at school. They'll be thrilled that you thought of them plus you'll score brownie points with all their friends who'll get to enjoy the games too. Other ideas might be to send movies along with movie size boxes of candy and microwave popcorn so that they can have a fun movie night.

5. All Their Favorites Gift Box - No one knows your son or daughters likes and dislikes better than you so why not put together a little gift basket or box filled with all their favorites. It doesn't have to be just food either, you can throw in other things like hi-liters, notepads, pencils, etc. Just buy a fun container at Walmart or Target and fill it up. Good snack ideas are energy bars, granola bars, pretzels, cracker jack, chips, chex mix, buttered microwave popcorn, candy bars, jelly beans, rice krispie bars, cookies, crackers, coffee, cocoa, tea and fruit juice. Basically, fill it with whatever your son or daughter enjoys. The possibilities are endless and they'll love getting a little piece of home.

Fun Group Party Games

College students (especially those in dorms) spend a lot of time hanging out with friends so why not give them a fun game that can be played with a large group of people. They can pop up some popcorn and spend the evening laughing at one another when they are playing any of the following games:

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 Gift Ideas For College Students

Fun Dorm Decor Gifts

Most college students have dorm rooms and apartments full of mismatched furniture, crummy old towels and cracked dishes, so any gift that will replace old hand-me-downs and odds and ends from Dad & Mom will be greatly appreciated. Help them add a stylish modern feel to their dorm or apartment with fun dorm housewarming gifts.

 Gift Ideas For College Students

 Gift Ideas For College Students

Cool Gadgets For College Students

No one loves their gadgets and technology more than college students. Gifts like digital cameras are great because students can save on the cost of photo developing while having the ability to e-mail, alter and share their photos to the web with the click of a mouse. Other hot gifts for college students are gaming systems like the Nintendo Wii, Apple iPods, and USB flash drives. You can't go wrong with an electronic gift, but be prepared to drop some serious cash for many of these high end gadgets.
 Gift Ideas For College Students

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