Honorable Gift Ideas for Retiring Military

Military Retirement Gifts

Military Retirement Gifts

There are few careers that are more honorable and noble than serving in the military. Men and women who have dedicated their lives in service to our country deserve respect and esteem. Their career of selflessness and fearlessness should be recognized and commended by those closest to them. When a friend or loved one retires after years of service, you'll want to be able to commemorate their contribution to our country in a meaningful way. So how do you choose what to get someone retiring from military service? Don't worry, we can help!

Gift Ideas for Retiring Military

Military retirement gift ideas

When someone retires from the military, they will likely be anticipating some relaxation from the rigid schedules they've maintained during their service. After years of waking, exercising, and eating at the same times every day, they may be looking forward to more flexibility. On the same token, the retiree will likely choose to preserve some semblance of the structure and routine they have come to know in the military. Remaining physically active and keeping their belongings in order will likely be habits that are hard to break. Additionally, they will have a lot of pride in their time serving our country and will want that memorialized in some way. It is a great accomplishment to have sacrificed and served one's country for years, and any ranks and titles earned will carry meaning long after leaving the military.

With these things in mind, we'll suggest the following types of gift ideas for retiring military:

  • golf accessories
  • assorted nuts and fruits
  • meats and cheeses
  • decanters and glasses
  • display cases
  • personalized items

Choosing the right gift for the retired military person in your life will depend on their personal preferences and interests, and even their specific branch of the military. It can be tough to know where to begin. However, we will help guide you in the right direction with a list of fail-safe options. Here are some of our suggestions for gifts:

Gift Ideas for a Retiring Navy Officer

Navy Retirement Gifts

An esteemed Navy officer is a person who is dependable, selfless, and loyal. They provide strong and fair leadership, and pay meticulous attention to detail. This person has spent the better part of their career bringing others together to accomplish a common goal. Something like a personalized decanter set or flask are both perfect gift ideas for a retiring navy officer, especially for leisurely reuniting with buddies and reminiscing about stories from the years at sea. Personalize it with their name and rank and this gift will be even more special and meaningful.

Military Retirement Gift Ideas for Spouse

Gift for army spouse

No one will be more proud of and excited for someone retiring from the military than their better half. As their spouse, you have made your own sacrifices over the course of their career during training, tours of duty, and moving from place to place when new orders were given. You've spent months and possibly years apart while your spouse served the country at sea, overseas, or here at home. Now, you've entered a new phase in which you can spend more time with one another and enjoy more freedom in your scheduling. Therefore, a personalized bag or box are great military retirement gift ideas for your spouse. Whether you choose a tote, duffle or cooler, this gift lets your retiree know that you are excited to set out on many new adventures together!

Gift Ideas for Retired Navy

Retirement gift idea for navy

Someone who has served for years in the Navy has spent a large chunk of time out on the water. They have lived on the ship for weeks or months at a time, with short breaks to enjoy their time on land. Now that they have retired from the Navy, this special person in your life will want to take advantage of activities they may have missed out on in the past. Gifts related to golf are amazing gift ideas for retired navy. They will have plenty of time to spend at the course working on their swing and enjoying the game they didn't have time to play while away at sea.

What to get Someone Retiring from Military

Army retirement gifts

Those who have served in the army have spent many years living by a strict and grueling schedule. They woke early every morning, participated in grueling physical training, and ate on a very regimented schedule. Now that they are retiring, they will have more freedom in when they wake, the amount of exercise they get, and what they eat. If your not sure what to get someone retiring from the military, a great gift could be a basket of high end, delicious foods. These crates filled with fruits and nuts, or meats and cheeses are the perfect way to honor their service while providing them a nice change of pace from years of meals in the mess hall. The latter can also be personalized with a hang tag or ribbon with a message or the recipient's name to make the gift even more meaningful.

Military Retirement Gift Etiquette

Military retirement presents

Now that you have seen all the best gift Ideas for retiring military in your life, it's important to know how and when to best present your gift. Many retirees will have a formal military retirement ceremony to celebrate this important culmination of their career. During this ceremony, there is a specific and strict protocol that is followed. This makes sense since that is how all branches of the military are structured! If the person you are shopping for is having a formal retirement ceremony, there are a few things you might want to know about when it comes to military retirement gift etiquette.

It is not common for gifts to be presented by civilians during the retirement ceremony. The retiree's fellow servicemen will likely present them with a flag. This flag is typically one that has flown over the Capitol and is presented to the retiree as a symbol of their lifelong position as a member of the military. At times, the retiree's spouse or other close family member or friend may also present a symbolic or personalized gift as part of the celebration.

If you are not immediate family or have not been asked to present your gift during the ceremony, it is best to give your gift to the guest of honor in a more relaxed setting. If there will also be a more informal retirement party for the retiree, it would be appropriate to present the gift in this setting. If there will not be a more informal celebration, inviting the retiree to dinner or for drinks and giving your gift in this setting would also be appropriate. While you certainly do not want to infringe on military protocol, you will want to make sure your retired friend or loved one is properly honored by you for their service!

A person retiring from the military deserves recognition for their years of dedication and service to the country. These gifts will let the military retiree in your life know that you were thinking of them on this very important occasion. Let us know what gift you chose to honor the military retiree in your life. Email us for a quote on the gift you are planning to order, share a picture of the gift you selected, or fill us in on a gift suggestion you don't see on the list!

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