Gift Ideas for the Expectant Mom

Pregnant Woman

When a woman is expecting, she needs a little extra pampering. Here are some ideas on the kinds of new mom gifts that would be just perfect to pamper. You can give these at any time. (But remember, the baby shower is a time to give presents for baby.) Surprise an expectant mom today!

Spa Time

Nothing soothes the soul better than a day at the spa. If you know an expectant mom who’s feeling uncomfortable or is in pain, treat her to a neck massage or a facial. Just be aware that she may not want to be in a salon where a lot of manicure or hair chemicals are being used, as they can be toxic for pregnant women to breathe. If the spa has a back room that they use for massages, she should have no problem there and can enjoy relaxing. If you’re at all unsure if she’ll love and use your gift, give a gift certificate that she can use any time before or after the birth.

Child-Free Time

If the expectant mother has other children, why not offer to watch her children for the afternoon so she can rest, shop, or just have time for herself? This is one gift that will be priceless to her and she won’t turn down. If her children are older, you can offer to pick them up from school and take them to the mall or out to eat to give mom some alone time.

Cozy Time

An expectant mother would love a pair of cozy slippers and a lush bath robe. She can wear them now and take them to the hospital for the birth as well. Other pampering products she can cuddle up with include a soft blanket (the ones with arms are really handy), a beautiful, soft pillow, a new book or just a nice spa gift basket. These are especially good presents if you’ve got a mom who’s on bed rest.

image by rick on FlickrDinner Time

As soon as the baby comes, there will be a whirlwind of activity. Why not give an expectant mom a few nights off from cooking? You can give her meals you’ve made (or purchased) that can be frozen and used whenever she needs to prepare a quick supper. Vary your choices so she’s not eating the same thing every night for a week. Your thoughtfulness will be much appreciated.

Little Extras

Depending on whether the expectant mother is having her first child or her fifth, you can vary your gift ideas. If she’s a newbie, give her a bunch of magazines on babies and parenting. She’ll love to have the info. If she’s a seasoned mom, give her a few magazines for pure enjoyment on any of her favorite topics.  Offer to do a mom’s grocery shopping for her. If she’s got someone else to handle that, show up with a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread every so often. It’s hard when you’ve got a new baby on your hands and run out of staple groceries. Anything you can do to make her life easier will be a blessing to any expectant mother. Even offering to drive her to the doctor appointments towards the end when she’s feeling uncomfortable and can’t get around so easily will be greatly appreciated.

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