Gift Ideas for the New Dad

A first time dad should be given extra attention. It’s often the new mom and baby who get showered with gifts and all the attention. Dad should also be treated to some gifts that make his life easier. After all, he’s going to do half the work too, right? Here are some ideas on how you can present him with the perfect new dad gift.

1. A Baby Duty Toolbelt

You can find these online. They are such a fun idea. It’s a custom toolbelt that dad can wear as he navigates the job of caring for baby. It includes essentials like a bottle, diapers, etc. A really cute gift that he can actually use.

2. A Hand Print Baseball

For the sport nut dad, give a treasure he will keep forever. There are companies online that will allow you to imprint baby’s little handprint onto a genuine baseball. It's like a sports fan's baby photo album. It’s a really unique idea. Dad will have it forever and watch as baby’s hand grows from tiny to full-sized.

3. The Daddle

This items is hysterical and useful. It’s available online and it’s a soft stuffed saddle that dad can wear on his back as he gives piggybacks. It’s unique, fun and innovative. It’s a sure bet that no one else will give him one.

4. The Man Purse

No dad wants to carry a diaper bag that looks like a lady’s handbag. Give him a bag a man can really use and be proud to carry. Many companies are offering well-designed messenger bags that look highly fashionable and not like baby gear. In colors like silver and black, he won’t mind taking the diaper bag with him to the park. And you can be sure he’ll take everything he really needs.

5. Childproofing Kit

Chances are the duty of childproofing the house will end up on dad’s list. Gift him with everything he needs. Kits come in all sizes and can be used to lock cabinets, the fridge, toilet seats and more.

6. WhyCry Baby Crying Analyzer

This is perhaps the most useful gift you can give a man. When baby cries, this little gadget that looks like an alarm clock inputs the cry and puts it into one of five categories. How it knows what each cry means is a wonder, but it’s been tested to be 90% accurate. It will help alert dad to the best strategy for stopping his child’s crying. With categories like bored, hungry, tired and wet, dad’s got a fighting chance of doing the right thing at the right time.

Image courtesy of Rick on Flickr7. Dinner In

Order up a Dinner of the Month club for dad. Or go for a Lobstergram. Any gourmet meal item will be a much welcomed gift when time for preparing dinner is scarce. Many companies will deliver everything packed in dry ice so they can either eat it right away or freeze it for later. Choose from chowder, baked stuffed shrimp, lobster tails and more. You can even get dessert thrown in. You select a one-time gift or space your baby gifts out so they arrive every month. It’s one gift that will never be returned unopened. If you want to be more cost-conscious, make dinners yourself that can be frozen and heated when the family needs them. If you know dad has a favorite like cheesecake, bake him up a few for the freezer.

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