Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Nurse

Nurse Gifts for National Nurses Week

Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Nurse

National Nurse's Day

If you have a nurse in your family or if a special nurse has touched your life in some way, consider giving her or him a gift. National Nurse's Day falls within the week of May 6-12, usually on the Wednesday of that week. For 2015, that makes it May 6th!

Some even celebrate the whole week to recognize nurses who are important to them. Here are some Nurse's day gifts and ideas of what you can do to surprise a special nurse this year.


Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Nurse

Who doesn't love coffee?

Consider making up a series of surprises for throughout the week. You can have the excitement build. Start on Monday with a small gift and then as each day progresses, add more to the gift. For instance, Monday can be a pound of gourmet coffee, Tuesday a pretty set of coffee mugs, Wednesday can be a box of gourmet cookies to eat while drinking the coffee, and Thursday can be a gift certificate to a favorite coffee shop.

Friday can be your fun day. You decide. If it's a nurse in your family, you might want to get her an espresso machine. If it's a nurse at a hospital, you might arrange something slightly less expensive but still festive. A coffee-tasting course at a local university that offers adult ed classes? A beautiful handbag made of recycled coffee bean bags? You decide.

The whole fun of it is that you build the suspense. By the end of the week, you'll have built them a wonderful little coffee gift basket!

A Little Humor


Makes the world go round.

Say you're more inclined to give one small gift. Make it shine! Go all out for the most expensive-tasting high end chocolates. You don't have to bust your budget, but you can get a few small samples of each kind in a delightful chocolate gift basket.

Many of the high-end stores like Godiva or Lindt will allow you to go in and pick and choose the ones you want. So you're not stuck with a box of candies you don't think your nurse would like. You can also find cute shaped chocolates like bunnies, deer, etc. that match the season or personal tastes.

Gift Cards

Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Nurse

Take them where they want to go.

Gift cards are always in season. There's not a nurse around who wouldn't love to pamper herself a little after a long day's hard work. Give the gift of a manicure and pedicure or a just a gift card for a specialty store in town.

Online retailers like Overstock, Amazon, and L.L. Bean also make great gift card choices because nurses can go online and shop whenever their shift ends, which could be when the stores are closed. And what nurse wants to walk around a mall after being on her feet all day?

Other gift cards might include retail stores such as the Gap, Starbucks, Macy's, Target, or Kohl's. There are plenty of options, just go with what you think she would like the most!

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Nurse Diagnosis

If your feet smell and your nose runs... you were made upside down!


Dressed to impress.

A gift to a uniform store may be a nice idea. Those uniforms can get pricey. If you don't know where one is in town, ask around or look in the phone book.

There are also online uniform shops for you to buy a gift card from, a few of them are:


Ultimately you will want to look for a site with lots of options; style, color, sizes, etc.You might not know their style well enough to pick a specific styled site, so keep it general. And who knows? Maybe they'll want to buy something for work other than uniforms!

Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Nurse

A Nice Meal

Treat her to yummy food!

A dinner out for your nurse and her mate is always a nice choice.

You may not know her well enough to invite her out, but you can give her a gift certificate to the best restaurant in the area. She'll love having a night out, and being able to take the night off of cooking. And she'll love that you treated her to such a special night.

You could also gift them with a prepared meal, or something like a pasta gift basket. So that they can enjoy a night home, without spending much time making dinner.

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Don't Get Personal

How far is too far?

Try to give a gift that shows you care, but don't get too personal. Perfume, clothing items, and other personal items are not really appropriate for this type of gift. Stick to gourmet food gifts or treats that can be enjoyed by the entire staff.

And, be sure to include a card so she'll know who it's from! Of course nurses love getting gifts, but they'll want to know who the nice gesture is coming from as well!

The Touch of a Nurse


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