Gifts For Administrative Professionals Week

Originally known as National Secretaries Day, this holiday is now known as Administrative Professionals Day. Celebrated the last full week of April, Administrative Professionals Week also includes Administrative Professionals Day which is Wednesday of the same week. As the duties of administrative professionals evolved over the years, the name of the week was changed to more accurately describe the varying titles and range of duties performed by these critical individuals that keep businesses running efficiently. Show your appreciation using one of these fantastic gift ideas.

Flowers – No matter what the season or reason, flowers are always appreciated. Since this holiday is celebrated in April, the flower choices are plentiful as bulbs such as tulips and flowers such as roses are in full bloom throughout the U.S. and the world. Contact a local florist or buy flowers online for delivery to your favorite assistant.

Flower Shaped Cookies – If your secretary or assistant has a sweet tooth, think of these floral shaped delights as an edible alternative to a traditional floral arrangement. These gourmet flower cookies are available in floral boxes with long-stemmed chocolate chip cookies. Or consider an iced bouquet of sugar cookies that are shaped like roses, tulips, sunflowers or other flower. Personalized with your custom thank you message, your assistant will be showing it this impressive gift to all her compatriots.

Thank You Gift Basket – Say ‘Thanks for All You Do’ or ‘Happy Administrative Professionals Day’ with a unique gift basket, cookie or candy bouquet. Whether they are a gourmet connoisseur or a sweet tooth, you can easily find a great gourmet gift that is designed especially for them.

Out for Lunch – This is a great and very popular way to recognize and thank your assistant. Best of all, it doesn’t require any pre-planning for on-time gift delivery or shopping for the perfect gift. Just let your assistant choose his or her favorite restaurant and either take them out alone or invite along the entire group that they support.

A Free Vacation Day – An unexpected day off is a great way to say thanks for your support and help over the past year. You have several options here – give them Administrative Professionals Day off which would require you to tell them about their gift ahead of time or give them the great news that day in the form a thank you card along with a note telling them about their extra day off anytime that they choose to use it.

Favorite Store Gift Card – If you have a local mall nearby or your assistant loves to shop at a particular store, a gift card is a great option, especially for groups. Just have the group of people throw in a few dollars each and before you know it, you’ll have enough money to get him or her a gift card with enough money to buy themselves a great gift.

Spa Gift Certificate – What assistant or secretary couldn’t use a relaxing massage or a pampering pedicure? A gift certificate to the spa is an indulgent gift that will help distress and rejuvenate them.

Special Interest or Hobby Gift – Does your assistant have a hobby like golf or tennis or book reading? If so, show that you’ve really put some thought into the gift and give them something associated with that special interest. For instance, give a sleeve of golf balls or a golfing gift certificate to the golf enthusiast and you’ll score a birdie!

Holiday Gifts & Gift Baskets offers a wide range of Administrative Professionals Day gifts. From gourmet gift baskets to cookie bouquets to flowers, we have a great gift for your secretary or assistant so shop today!

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