Baby Gift Ideas for Boys

baby boy gifts

baby boy gifts

In most everyone’s life, there comes a time when you will need to find a truly special gift for a beloved baby. In these moments, it’s likely that a typical baby shower gift of a set of onesies or sippy cups may seem not quite unique enough. These times usually come when a sibling or best friend is giving birth or perhaps a close in-law. Regardless of your close connection, you’re probably looking for a phenomenal gift for this baby. This sort of gift needs to stand out among the others and be cherished for years to come.

If you are specifically looking for gift ideas for a baby boy, we can help. Whether you’re looking for something specifically for this baby at his current age or a gift for him to enjoy as he grows, there are plenty of options available. It can be hard to come up with unforgettable presents when there is such a looming pressure but, thankfully, we have a few ideas to get you started!

For this post, we’ve divided our ideas into five categories:

  • Keepsake Gifts
  • Practical Gifts
  • Clothing Gifts
  • Cozy Gifts
  • Fun Gifts

We hope that these ideas can spark inspiration of your own and, before you know it, you’ll be walking into the baby shower with a gift capable of wowing the parents!

Keepsake Gifts

Keepsake Blanket and Footprint Picture Frame

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Our first suggestion for one of the most memorable gifts you could choose would be a keepsake treasure. Keepsakes are meant to be sweet and precious for years to come, and from that description alone, these gifts would be something the parents aren’t likely to forget. Keepsakes oftentimes grow with the child and remain in a prominent display in the home. Whether you choose a gift that can be used for practical purposes, or one to be hung on the wall, any keepsakes are sure to be appreciated.

There are numerous angles you could take with this type of gift, but we do have a few suggestions. A picture frame kit with a footprint mold would be one of the sweetest gifts you could find. This gift is all about capturing the current stage of life with the baby boy by enabling the parents to make a mold of his footprint. The print is then kept safe in a beautiful picture frame display.

Another keepsake idea could be a personalized birth plate to make mealtime even more fun! With the baby boy’s name and date of birth, he’ll grow up using his very own plate and know it was made specifically for him. Additionally, you could go with a personalized growth chart to track this little guy’s height over the months and years, or a set of keepsake boxes for his first tooth and curl.

Practical Gifts

Dr. Seuss Library Book Gift Basket

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Another great type of gift you could look for would be a practical gift. As much as the cutesy items are nice, there’s just something about a practical gift that is always appropriate and appreciated. Can you get much better than something cute that actually serves a very helpful purpose? Though some of these gifts may be consumable, the impact of a practical gift is long-lasting. These parents will hardly forget such a thoughtful gift when it comes to an item that provides an easy solution.

When you’re looking for a really outstanding gift, but you want it to be on the practical side of things, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect one. Our first thought is that you really can’t go wrong with a Dr. Seuss books gift basket. These books are bound to last for years and will potentially be read over and again with love by both parents and child. Dr. Seuss is not only fun, but educational, and can even help this little boy eventually learn to read.

Our next idea is consumable, but it should still make a great impression. We love the thought of a diaper cake! You know this family will be going through plenty of diapers, so you truly can’t give a more practical and thoughtful gift. After all, the cost of diapers adds up! Another fun idea could be a bath time gift basket with baby shampoo and soap, rubber duckies, a hooded towel, and so on. Finally, a deeply meaningful and yet practical gift could be a gift certificate for infant swimming lessons. Everyone wants their child to learn to swim, and it’s been shown that infants learn especially well. This gift would be touching and certainly cherished by the parents.

Clothing Gifts

Baby Pilot Two-Piece Sleep Set

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Clothing gifts may seem too common and not quite hit the “unforgettable” mark, but we have a few ideas that may be surprisingly unique. Even though a gift of clothes is a dime a dozen at baby showers or as a gift to the baby boy, there are certain garments that will still stand above the rest and delight the parents.

Our most important suggestion for picking a clothing item would be to make sure it is something that works with the parents’ preferences and hobbies. For instance, if this particular family is a huge fan of a particular sport or team, you may consider a gift basket of baby items related to that sport. As an example, if these parents are baseball fans, you could put together a sports basket with onesies, shirts, and pants with baseball designs, a signed baseball, perhaps a baby baseball cap, and one or two wall decor pieces with baseball themes. As long as the clothing gift truly captures the spirit of this family and their preferences, it will certainly feel special.

Other unforgettable clothing ideas could be niche designs, such as personalized pilot-themed pajamas or bandana bibs to touch on the Wild West. These designs aren’t your run-of-the-mill baby items and should bring joy to the parents and baby for quite a while. Additional heartwarming clothing gift ideas could include baby boy-themed diaper covers or a personalized newborn hat! Personalization never fails to help a gift feel more special and lets the parents know that you were thinking specifically of their baby boy.

Cozy Gifts

Wash & Waddle Penguin Hooded Spa Robe

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Similar to clothing, there are a number of adorable and unique cozy gifts available on the market. Soft, plush items are simply perfect for babies, especially since they can be comforting and delightful for cuddling the child. Just as with selecting a clothing gift, though, you’ll want to look for something uniquely suitable for this specific family and baby. By catering to their hobbies and personal choices, you’ll amp up the wow-factor with your gift.

A sweet idea for a cozy gift could be a monogrammed blanket. These sorts of blankets have a variety of purposes, from cuddling to comforting, and to keep away the chill on a cold night. If the blanket is large enough, it can be used for years to come. Additionally, the blanket will be special for this little bFoy when he learns his name is monogrammed on the fabric. As a child, there’s hardly anything more special than something printed with your own name! Other touching presents could include a special spa robe for the little boy, such as this penguin hooded robe. Can a baby look any cuter than with a hooded robe or towel? Finally, you could always choose a plush stuffed animal, but we like the idea of stepping up the sweet factor by choosing one with personalization, such as this teddy bear.

Fun Gifts

New Baby Rocking Horse

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Our final idea suggestion for this baby boy would be something that is merely full of fun! We are looking for items that aren’t necessarily toys, rather, items that can bring a smile to this little man’s face. Such a gift may be an item that the baby boy could grow up with, or perhaps just enjoy for a short while. Either way, it’s something that is meant to bring happiness and fun.

These gifts could be adorable wall decor, such as this personalized toy shelf, or maybe a pirate-themed wall clock. Another fun angle could be a personalized coin bank, such as this shark bank! Though the gift doesn’t absolutely need to be a toy, there’s certainly nothing wrong with a thoughtful and special toy, for instance, a personalized rocking horse.

Making the Decision

best baby boy gifts

The pressure can be profound when it comes to selecting the perfect gift for a beloved baby boy. Babies and their parents receive numerous presents, and when your relationship with the family is close, you want to make certain your gift reflects how much you care for this child. It can be hard for even the best gift giver to find the right present.

We hope that this article helped you and gave you some fresh inspiration and ideas! Please let us know what you thought in the comments, and if you liked the post, feel free to share it with your family and friends!

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