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Gifts for Children Who Have Everything

Published July 31, 2013        by Sarah

Image by davidmesaaz on FlickrSometimes there’s that kid on your list who just doesn’t seem to need another single item. Whether they’re an only child who has been spoiled by parents and grandparents alike or they’ve just managed to acquire it all, picking up a birthday gift or a holiday gift is often difficult in these situations. Here are a few kids gift ideas that may work well.

Tickets – There are so many good ideas that fall into this category, but the goal here is to give the child tickets to an event, a show, or something else entirely that will help to create an experience in his or her mind. For example, if the child is a huge basketball fan, why not grab tickets to his favorite team the next time they’re in a nearby town. Pick the child up and take him to the game. It will be something he won’t forget. At Christmas, take your niece who has everything to a performance of the Nutcracker. Go have dinner together at a fancy restaurant after the show. It will be one of the best Christmas memories she ever has. Tickets aren’t something many children get as gifts, so they’re unique enough to be amazing.

Coupon Books – This is an idea that has been around for years, but it makes the perfect present for the kid who has everything. Presentation is key here, and you have to pack it with some seriously good coupons to get that “wow” factor you’re looking for. Go with coupons the child might actually use. For example, if it’s a family member who lives nearby, offer coupons that are good for one scoop of ice cream on a Sunday afternoon together, a movie together, a sleepover at your house, and that sort of thing. You can still pull this off even if the child lives further away, though. Stick in a coupon that’s good for a weekend at your house, one that is perfect for a long phone call together, and maybe even one that’s good for a special candy gift via email or postal mail. It could even be a surprise to the child.

Of The Month Club – You may associate this idea with adults, but kids love to get things in the mail or have them delivered to the home, which makes signing up for an “Of the Month Club,” the perfect gift for the kid who has everything. There are many kid friendly options out there.  There are also cupcake clubs, ice cream clubs, and even popcorn clubs, all of which are perfect for kids.

Lessons – This kind of gift will only work with parental approval, so make certain you ask before you give. There are few things in life that will carry over quite like a well-honed skill or talent, so consider giving that special child in your life lessons for something. Sure, it could be something standard like ballet or karate, but feel free to think outside of the box on this one. Perhaps you should give her chess lessons at the community center. Maybe art lessons at the local university are just right for him. Perhaps you want to consider foreign language lessons or theatre lessons. If the child has a passion, play to it with a gift like this one.

Even if the child seems to have absolutely everything, there’s always something you can pick up to make the perfect gift. You may, however, have to get a bit creative.

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