Gifts for Grandkids: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Grandparents 2018 Edition

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For 20+ years, we have helped grandparents send their grandchildren gifts all over the US. This year, we have decided to bring our 182 years of collective knowledge together and present you with the ultimate answers for the following questions:

  1. For each occasion of your grandchild's life, what would be the best gift?
  2. What is the best gift for your grandchild at different ages as they continue to grow?
  3. Once your grandchild is grown, what are some great gift ideas that they would appreciate?


Baby Events

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As a grandparent, being able to buy gifts for your brand new grandbaby can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. Not only does it mean something very special for you, but it is also a rewarding experience for the child and the parent. For the parent, you gifting their child, your grandchild, reinforces the concept that they are in your thoughts and each event is just as special to you as it is to them. As for the child, from the very first gift, you start to build a bond that will continue to build throughout their lives. Continue as we will walk through some of the most important events that a child goes through starting from the earliest stages of their lives, and we will discuss some gift ideas we think parents and your grandchildren will enjoy and appreciate.

Personalized Baby Shower Gifts from Grandparents

Congratulations, your grandchild is on the way! This can be such an exciting time for you as a grandparent whether it is your very first or have several already. Getting a baby shower gift for your grandchild can be quite daunting at first, especially if you want to give something personalized that  will be unique. Something to consider is a gift package where you can have the grandchild's name incorporated on the items. Many gifts come in pink, blue, or a gender neutral color, but why not take it a step further? Gift packages that include items that grow with the child are a good idea.

Personalized It's A Boy Baby Gift Wagon

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Like the wagon shown above, it includes candies for the parents, booties, a personalized blanket, a romper for your grandchild to wear, a bear for when they are a bit older, and a wagon for when they grow a bit more. A baby shower gift that grows with the child helps to show that you are looking forward to watching them grow for the years to come.

Another excellent baby shower gift idea is a cute personalized bath robe. This gift is excellent for keeping your grandchildren cozy after their bath time while also showing how they can always be surrounded by your love. Getting a cute personalized robe also gives your young grandchild a gift they can grow into and after they have finally outgrown the robe they can keep it as a memorable keepsake.

Baby Dedication Gifts From Grandparents

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The earliest event that may happen in your grandchild's life that is both monumental and important to everybody involved is the presentation of the child to your congregation or temple. This could be the first opportunity that you have as a grandparent to this child to offer a thoughtful gift which can be quite difficult. The frame that is pictured above is one of our favorite ideas as a way to remember such a special event. It shows thoughtfulness and can be personalized with the child's name and the date of the dedication. The parents will be the first to treasure such a gift, but as the child grows, they will also be aware of the love that you felt for them from even the earliest stage of their lives. If you are short on time, but still want to give something that still shows your special touch, we recommend assembling a baby gift basket full of items such as baby shampoos, lotions, and bath time toys. Parents will be appreciative of such a gift.

Grandparent Gifts for Granddaughter's First Birthday

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You may be searching high and low for the perfect gift for your granddaughter's first birthday. This is a very special milestone for each person in the family, and the gift has to be just right. A gift that is both decorative and will prove to be an amusement for your little girl would be a rocking horse. It is a classical staple that you, yourself, may have enjoyed as a child. A rocking horse will help foster imagination as your granddaughter sees herself on a pony riding through a meadow shouting out in joy. Parents are sure to enjoy the smiles and laughter that a rocking horse will bring their child.

Another fantastic gift idea for your young grandchild is a fun bath time gift. Cute rubber ducks, floating toys, and bubbles would all be excellent choices for a gift. Your grandchild will have a blast with the bath time toys you give them while also showcasing your love. You can even create a cute basket full of bath time toys so it can have a personal touch.

Grandson's First Birthday Gifts from Grandparents

Your Grandson is going to be turning one soon. A timeless gift seems like the perfect idea, but you would also like to include something that is altogether modern as well. As you see below, one of our favorite ideas is the idea of the welcome wagon. Many a small child has enjoyed a wagon, but this one comes loaded with goodies that are good for both playtime and also for learning. This wagon includes learning board books filled with bright colors and simple words to engage your young grandson. For playtime, how about a rattler, a teether, or even a playful outfit for your grandson to wear as he rides about in his new wagon? This is another gift idea that has more than one purpose, which a parent will always appreciate.

Playtime Baby Welcome Wagon

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Keepsake Gifts for Grandsons

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Finding a keepsake gift for your grandson can be a daunting task. If you take a look at the image above, we love the idea of a keepsake picture frame. As you can see, there is a space for the amazing moments of your grandchild's life for each month that passes starting from the first month and continues until they turn just a year old. Each month will bring with it a different moment as your grandson grows each month and hits each milestone. Parents will love this gift as well because it will allow them to share with family and friends these special moments.

Gift ideas for Grandson's Baptism

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When it comes to giving your grandson a baptism gift, you have several options. Of course there is always the option of cash, but there is so much more available to you as a grandparent that allows a more personal touch. If you like the idea of cash, but times are a little tougher than you'd like them to be, a savings bond can be purchased at a fraction of the cost. As your grandson grows, the bond matures. A perfect christening gift from a grandmother would be custom painted dish set personalized with his name from a place such as Color-Me-Mine. Another kind of christening gift from grandparents for a little boy would be certificates for his first hair cut that his parent's are sure to like as well.

Young Grandchildren Events

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Now that your grandchild is more of a child and not just a baby in years, a whole host of new events will be coming your way that will give you many opportunities to offer gifts for those special times in their lives. Even the smallest gifts will let your grandchild know that you are with them every step of the way, and you will continue to strengthen that bond between the two of you. Not only will parents appreciate your kindness, but they will also see the growing bond between you and their child.

First Day of Preschool Gift Ideas

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The first day of preschool is a pretty big deal for your grandchild. This might be the first time they are around a significant amount of kids on their own, or away from home for significant amount of time. They are finally feeling like they are one of the big kids. They will grow so much throughout preschool, the perfect way to keep up their confidence is to present to them a photographed growth chart like the one shown above. It is a gift that will stay with your grandchild for the years to come. They will be able to see that they really are becoming one of the big kids!

First Day of Kindergarten Gift Ideas

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The next step after preschool is sometimes that dreaded first day of kindergarten. A gift given to a grandchild from their grandparent will show them that they are going to be thought of throughout the day. Your grandchild will most likely need something to keep those first day papers in, and perhaps carry that very special lunch that their parent has packed for them. A book bag or tote bag that has been personalized with their name will do just the trick. They will carry that bag to school with pride, knowing that it was handpicked just for them.

First Day of Elementary School Gifts

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Do you remember that commercial where the children were exclaiming that they were a big kid now? Well, here comes elementary school. Your grandchild, among many others, see a full day of class as a whole new beast that must be tackled. They are going to want something that says they really are a big kid now. Shown above is a gift idea of their very own water bottle designed just for them that is a huge hit with young children. They will be able to hydrate in style and able to show off their gift from their grandparents to all of their new friends.

Summertime Gifts for Grandchildren

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Now that your grandchild has had a taste of being occupied throughout the day, summer is going to come along without school to be their entertainment. This can be a very frustrating time for all parties involved including you, your grandchild, and their parents. Keeping their young minds busy while fostering imagination is going to be very important. Craft kits that include paper of assorted colors, a box of crayons, markers, or pencils, safety scissors, glue, coloring books, and the like are a great way to do just this. You can create a craft basket of your own with a mixture of these items, or you can even find them in an already packaged bundle. Parents are sure to thank you for this small token of help as the summer carries on.

Kids Activity Basket

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Need an amazing gift idea for your creative grandchild? You can get them an activity basket full of crafting things that can keep them busy all afternoon! You can show how much you support your grandchild's creative side by gifting them a kit full of markers, sketchbooks, and paints.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Grandchildren

valentines gift for grandkids
Valentine's Day is such a fun holiday for a child of any age. As a grandparent, you have the opportunity to share your love with your grandchild through a special gift. If you can't settle on just one item, a handmade basket with a few goodies is always a good choice. It can be overflowing with sweets such as candy hearts or little chocolate bunnies, or perhaps they have a favorite animal where you have found the perfect stuffy to include in your gift package. A heartfelt card will bring a smile to your grandchild's face and to yours as well. Their parents might roll their eyes at what you have chosen for your grandchild, but they will be smiling right along with each of you.

Another sweet gift you can give your grandchild on Valentine's Day is a candy bouquet! Giving your grandchild a candy bouquet will satisfy their sweet tooth while letting them know how much they mean to you. Maybe they can even share their sweet bouquet with you as well.

Halloween Gifts for Grandchildren

halloween gifts for grandkids
Halloween does not have to be just about candy, but that is a large part of the fun, right? A grandparent doesn't always have to sugar up their grandchildren and send them back to their parents. Other gift ideas range from little activity kits and books to small finger toys that your grandchild can spend hours playing with long after Halloween has come and gone. Cookies, while not always as sweet as pieces of candy, have become extremely popular put together in cookie bouquets. You can see an image of such a one right above, but do not be surprised to hear later that your grandchild's parent has snatched one or two of those cookies to satisfy their own sweet tooth.

Easter Gifts for Grandchildren

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An Easter gift given by a grandparent to their grandchild can vary so greatly now. Of course, we are huge fans of gift baskets since they are always a favorite for children of any age. An Easter gift basket can come already made, or it would be quite simple for you to put one together yourself. You can fill a basket with small puzzles, coloring books, or stuffed animals such as bunnies or even colorful spring chicks. There are those timeless little plastic eggs that you can fill with candy pieces, tiny stamps, or even those spare pennies that you cannot seem to get rid of. Whether you customize the basket yourself, or find one already packaged that seems to fit your grandchild just perfectly, they will know that you put time and thought into their gift.

Fourth of July Gifts for Grandchildren

partiotic gifts for grandkids
As a grandparent, portraying patriotism to your grandchild can be just as important as showing them how much you love them. A fourth of July gift is the perfect chance to do just that as you give a gift basket with the theme of your love of the great red, white, and blue. You can include a time honored favorites of chocolate covered Oreos accompanied by small American flags and ribbons. As a grandparent, you can even explain what the fifty stars mean along with the number of stripes that adorn our nation's flag as they munch down on patriotic cookie bouquets that are also a wildly popular gift addition.

Grandchild Events

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Your grandchild is no longer so much a young child, but is now growing into their own. Soon they will be starting Middle School. Then comes High School. Then College. Then comes that day that your granddaughter will be walking down the aisle. Each stage is as special as the last, and at each event, your grandchild deserves a gift from their grandparent that speaks from your heart. At different times of their lives, that gift that they receive from you may be just what your grandchild needs to keep that confidence in themselves and give them that little bit of encouragement they need to take the next step forward.

Get Well Gifts for Sick Grandchildren

get well soon gifts for grandchildren
It can be heart wrenching to see your grandchild feeling sick, or perhaps they are just feeling a little blue. As a grandparent, it would be hard to just stand by, so a get well gift is the perfect way to lift their young spirits. A get well gift to your grandchild can be something as simple as a silly and goofy card, or you can incorporate a few other things as well. Perhaps an activity book with stickers and simple puzzles. There is also small travel games that would easily fit onto their bed or along side them on the couch. Even a simple reading book could be enough to keep their minds off of feeling sick, even if it is just for a short period of time. Their parents will welcome the help of making their little ones feel better as soon as possible.

For a younger child, a cute gift with a teddy bear can be an wonderful and inexpensive option. Give your grandchild a teddy bear that they can hug while they are getting well. The bear lets them know that you are always there for them while also being a soft source of comfort.


First Day of Middle School Gifts

care packages for grandkids
Middle School can be one of the most confusing times in their lives for your grandchild. You, as a grandparent, can be part of teaching family values with understanding and patience as it is extremely important for your grandchild at this point of their life. What better way to foster this than create a gift for a family night of fun? Such a care package can include games such as Checkers, old fashioned peg board games, a variety of card games, a poker set, and perhaps a few books full of mazes and simple puzzles that take you and your grandchild working together to solve them. The bond between you and your grandchild will continue to solidify as you set aside a special time for just you and them to spend together.

First Day of High School Gifts

movie gifts for grandkids
Once your child makes it through Middle School, High School is still going to be a very scary place to step their feet into. As your grandchild embarks on this new adventure, having a celebration to show that you are proud of them getting here is a great way to show that you love them dearly even if they no longer like to hear that “L” word. Setting aside time for a favorite movie marathon is the perfect way to spend the day before school starts, or even that very first weekend. Don't forget the classic snacks for the movie watching such as your grandchild's favorite type of popcorn, M&M's, Twizzlers, their favorite soda, and maybe even some spicy nachos. Parents will be delighted to see that their child still enjoys time with their grandparents and that you are putting forth the effort to keep that bond going strong.

First Day of College Gifts

Whether your grandchild is staying close to home or traveling states away, they are not going to want to leave without some of the comforts they have known since childhood. A survival snack package is the perfect way to tell them that they are going to be fine, to have fun, but please remember the good times that you have had together. Instead of a gift bag or traditional basket, a gift that will be appreciated by them is a decorated small trash can. Then, you can stuff it full with bits of junk food they have grown to love. This could include individual sized bags of chips, small packages of cookies, their favorite candy bars like Snickers or Milky Way, or packages of candy such as Skittles or some kind of Gummies. They may give you a lopsided grin when you hand over a trashcan with a lid, but when they open it, they are sure have a good laugh.

Snack Survival Gift Can

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Wedding Day Gift for Granddaughter

Unique gifts for grandkids
There are very few occasions that are going to be more important to your granddaughter than her wedding day. This is the day she is the epitome of being a young woman, and only the most special of gifts is going to be good enough. The toast shared between your granddaughter and her new husband is only the beginning of them sharing their lives together. A great gift that a grandparent can give on such an occasion is a set of champagne glasses that will become a keepsake for their years to come. Many types of glasses can have anything from their initials to their wedding date to a special vow etched upon the surface that will make it uniquely theirs. Your granddaughter will treasure these as the special gift they are from her grandparents as she enters a new stage of her life.

What are Gifts for Specific Ages From Grandparents?

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Sometimes, it is not a specific stage or event that will prompt a grandparent to want to give a gift to their grandchild. In some ways, this can make it harder to decide what kind of gift is appropriate because there is not necessarily a theme that you can focus on. Now, the major factor will be your grandchild's age, but since there is literally no event restriction on the occasion, you are afforded much more leeway in the kind of gifts you can choose for your grandchild.

Gifts for a 1-year-old Grandson

amazing gifts grandkids
At just a year old, the appreciation is going to be felt more by your grandson's parents than your grandson. Yet, throughout his first year and onto his second, the bond between you and your grandson's parents can be just as important as it is between you and your grandson. Gift baskets featuring baby bath products, a blanket, clothing, and perhaps even your grandson's first steps into the foray of finger food would be a wonderful gift idea that will be very much appreciated by the parents. Specially personalized items such as the blanket and clothing can become keepsakes that your grandson will see as he grows older and will know that even when he couldn't understand, you were already there beside him.

Another wonderful gift idea for your younger grandchildren would be a personalized step stool! You are giving them a useful item that will help them reach sinks, beds, and other high places while also giving it a personal touch. This could also become an important keepsake in the years to come!

Gifts for 2-year-old Grandson

creative gifts for grandkids
As your grandson reaches two years old, his world has expanded as he continues to reach new levels of understanding. Part of that understanding is going to be the concept of ownership. By now he is going to realize there are certain things that are specifically his. As a grandparent looking for a gift, a piggy bank with your grandson's name on it will help him recognize that his grandparents are giving a gift that is very special just for him. Also, to build upon the understanding of ownership is the value of saving loose change. Young children love finding random coins, and all of a sudden that coin is theirs. Now, your grandson can put those coins into his very own piggy bank. This gift is sure to bring smiles to you, your grandson, and his parents as he delights in saving his very own coins.

Another unique gift idea for your grandchildren would be a gorgeous personalized chair and table set. They can have all of their friend with them while they show off the fantastic gift you gave them. this could also be passed down through the family so future generations can also enjoy this one of a kind gift.

Gifts for a 3-year-old Grandson

fun gifts for grandkids
Being three years old is an amazing time for your young grandson. A grandparent's greatest joy can come from watching their grandchild's precociousness being displayed as they learn through discovery and play. Three-year-olds love games, and games that come along with treats or small rewards are even better. Winning card games such as Old Maid, Go Fish, or a simple matching game can be rewarded with small pieces of candy from a Pez dispenser or their favorite kind of cookies. Many colors of Play-Doh and Silly Putty are fun ways to build imagination and hand dexterity. You can even help your grandson's parents out by encouraging energetic play with items such as fruit scented or colored bubbles that they can chase through the yard.

Another fun gift yo give your grandchild is a personalized ice cream bowl. You can even keep this gift at your house so that they have their own bow to enjoy ice cream from whenever they visit. this gift can easily become a keepsake since your grandchild can use this personal gift for years to come.

Gifts for a 4-year-old Grandson

reading gifts for grandkids
By the time your grandson has reached four years old, books can be an amazing gift that will start to foster a love for the written word. Your grandson is ready to graduate beyond board books and into hardbound books with timeless stories that both of you can sit down and share together. The classical Disney books are a good place to start, or perhaps your grandson has a favorite cartoon that he would love to hold in between his hands as their grandparent helps teach them what those small groups of letters mean. You can find children's books online or even in most stores that you do your regular everyday shopping. Your grandson's parents will love the thought of their son spending time with their grandparent as you both bury yourselves in magical stories and create loving memories.

Gifts for a 5-year-old Grandson

sports gift for grandkids
Soon enough, your 5-year-old grandson will no longer be content to stay indoors. The outside holds so many possibilities for them to explore, and a chance for you to watch them play. T-ball is a great way to teach hand and eye coordination as your grandson learns to be amazed with how far he can hit that ball. Soccer balls have always held a child's fascination as well. There are also games that you can play with your grandson as well such as the tried and true ring toss and yard tic-tac-toe. These activities are simple and fun while it gives you the opportunity to watch your grandson be goofy and listen to their giggles as they try to succeed in winning even against their grandparent.

Gifts for Grandchildren 6-10 Years Old

art gifts for grandkids
Young school-aged children are being challenged on an almost daily basis to think outside the box. As a grandparent, you can help foster type of thinking by providing the tools for them to create, to imagine, and to be proud of their work. Putting together a gift package of art and craft supplies is a great idea that is perfect for a spontaneous gift. If your grandchild already has such supplies, more specialized items will show the extra thought that you are putting forth. Crayons that sparkle, markers that smell, and glitter that is your grandchild's favorite color are just a few ideas. Puffy paint, a brand new paint brush set, or even an easel with a roll of paper will encourage your grandchild to create something new just for you in thanks for such a thoughtful gift.

Gifts for Grandchildren 10-14 Years Old

creative gifts for grandkids
Once your grandchild hits middle school, all bets may be off. Their minds are going to change constantly as they try to figure themselves out, so finding a satisfying gift can be difficult. During this confusing time, a grandchild receiving a gift from their grandparent can bring out a smile or an appreciative laugh when they are at their most grumpy. If they like to doodle in the margins of their paperwork, a set of fine tipped markers and a new notebook would be a good creative outlet where they can actually keep their random doodles. There are now Lego sets for all ages where your ten to fourteen-year-old grandchild can create monsters and structures that were not possible for when they were younger. There are even Lego idea kits that can help point your grandchild in different directions that they can customize themselves that will have them wanting to create something new for hours on end.

High School Graduation Gifts from Grandparents

snack gifts for grandkids
While your grandchild makes their way through high school, they may seem like a ball of continuous energy that will never stop. A snack pack gift to help keep that energy flowing from their grandparent will be appreciated as they stash it in their backpacks, purses, or even some place within their car so that yummy goodness is within easy reach. Chocolate candy bars are always a hit, but including a nutty and fruity trail mix will ease your grandparent mind knowing that they are inhaling something of nutritional value. There are plenty of Chex mixes as well, or you can make your own, that can satisfy the pickiest of taste buds when it comes to pleasing your ever growing grandchild.

Gifts for Grandchildren who Live Far Away in College

cool gifts for grandskids
As a grandparent, you are hoping that once your grandchild heads off to college that their days will be filled with classes, learning, and of course, a lot of late nights cramming for those tests or working on papers with deadlines steadily approaching. Cheap meals of peanut butter and jelly and Ramen noodles quickly become a staple in many college student's lives. As a grandparent, you have the chance to change that up a little. The image below shows the perfect idea of a junk food gift “basket”. You can grab a small trashcan that is perfect for your grandchild's dorm room and stuff it to the brim with their favorite childhood junk food. Be sure to include an assortment of cookies, chips, crackers, and candies. It might not be the healthiest for them, but they will sure appreciate the thoughtful gift as it is still meant to spoil them even though they are technically fully grown in their own mind, but never in your eyes as their grandparent.

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