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Published February 06, 2014        by Rae Ann

There is always a great deal of excitement when a couple is welcoming their first baby.  People are incredibly generous and equip the parents-to-be with clothes, diapers, books, toys, teddy bears, Baby Cookies Gifts for Repeat Parentsand other baby essentials.  But when that couple is going to be having their second or third child, there usually is not a gift-giving extravaganza.  It’s not because people are any less happy about the child, but they figure that “old” parents have what they need already or they simply don’t need all the support (and swag) that they did with the first baby.  Every child is worth celebrating, though, so here are some great gift ideas for repeat parents.


If repeat parents already have the big items, like a crib, changing table, and clothing, give them something they do not have ready: frozen food.  When parents come home with a new baby, and to other children in the house, there is no time to cook.  Throw a “bring-a-frozen-dish” party for the family.  Have guests each bring a meal that can be thawed, heated, and enjoyed.  This works especially well if the parents have a chest freezer.  If not, have someone who will keep the dishes and deliver them after the baby comes home.

Likewise, gift cards to area restaurants that offer take-out (or preferably delivery!) are great ideas for exhausted parents. Or treat them to a sweet treat with baby cookie baskets.

Something for Everyone

It can be difficult to be a child and have everyone giving gifts to a baby that hasn’t even been born yet.  Talk about sibling rivalry!  A great idea is to give the baby a onesie or t-shirt and have matching ones made for the other children.  Obviously, the design shouldn’t be too baby-ish so the older child will wear it.  You could choose pajamas with a star and moon theme, for instance.  Another option is to use a service like CafePress and have custom shirts made.

If you get a book or toy for the baby, pick up a book or toy for the older siblings.  It is nice to celebrate them as well during this time.


Every parent, whether they are expecting their first or fifth child, needs diapers.  Find out if the parents plan to use disposable or cloth, and give them a few packages. They will probably get newborn sizes from other gift-givers, so get the next size up. Babies grow fast!

Other items to consider are diaper wipes, rash cream, baby wash, washcloths, burp clothes, crib sheets, mattress pads, and plain onesies.  If the parents plan on breastfeeding, you can get some disposable or reusable nursing pads. If they plan on bottle feeding, you can get BPA-free bottles and a container of their preferred formula (make sure to ask because many parents are particular about this).

Another great idea is to get the parents a gift card to a drug store or box store like Target or Walmart so they can purchase their own necessities.

Car Seat

Car seats need to be replaced 5 years after the manufacturers’ date, after a fender bender, or when safety features become outdated.  It is a good idea to get the new baby a new seat for optimum security.  To ensure no one else gets the same thing (you don’t need that many car seats!), make sure to spread the word to the mother’s friends and family that you have that one covered.

You could also opt for a car seat/stroller system.  The infant seat clicks right into the stroller when the baby is young, and then the stroller can be used without the seat for toddlers.  This is a great gift for a mom trying to walk away her baby weight or soothe a fussy baby.

Repeat parents appreciate all the gifts and help just as much as first-time parents, or even more because they know how challenging it is to raise a baby.  You need all the help you can get!  If you are at a loss for gifts, try one of the items on the list or simply ask Mom or Dad.

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