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Published February 22, 2008        by Nicole

My Dad always said to us that he didn’t need any gifts. He told us that he was the man who had everything! What a lovely thought considering he had 5 stepchildren, and a new baby gift (me) to provide for.

He was an Abalone diver by profession, this particular year his boat had been tipped over by a shark. My father’s boat had been ruined, and he was lucky to have escaped with his life. My father was left with no boat and no income. He had begun working as a deck hand for a friend who was also an Abalone diver. Mom and Dad made some extra money by selling abalone shells as ashtrays to tourists, to buy Christmas presents for all of us kids.

Times were tough and we ate a lot of fish. Although through this ordeal, our Dad remained cheerful and never once let it get to him. His usual saying about being the man, who had everything, was said at Christmas time. When his stepchildren tried to glean some type of hint on what he might like for Christmas. My stepsister who was well accustomed to hearing this, set out to find the perfect gift for the man who had everything!

This could not have been a very easy task, considering her budget was below $2. She never mentioned another thing about finding a gift idea, and wouldn’t tell anyone even our Mom what she had found. No matter how hard they all begged.

Christmas morning finally rolled around, and everyone was exchanging gifts. When it was my stepsister’s turn to give her gift to Dad she produced a small longish rectangular box, rapped in red paper. My father carefully tore away the paper to reveal a black box with gold writing on the top, it said “For the man who has everything” when my father opened the lid there was a little brush in there, a lot like a makeup brush only smaller. Inside the top of the lid it said, “for the man who has everything, a belly button brush.”

My stepsister not only found a unique gift for our Dad, but she also managed to make light of a hard time. Gifts don’t have to be large or expensive to make an impact on others. My parents still to this day talk about the belly button brush, for the man who has everything. It is displayed on their mantelpiece with pride, still to this day, this occurred over 25 years ago.

If you know a man who has ‘everything’ ask him if he has a belly button brush. After that Christmas my father really was the man who had everything.