Giraffe Baby Shower Ideas

giraffe baby shower theme
giraffe baby shower theme

Fun Giraffe Baby Shower Theme Ideas

A unique idea to incorporate into your baby shower is the giraffe. Whether Mom-to-be loves giraffes, or you are looking for a unique way to celebrate the arrival of a new little one into the world, a giraffe-themed baby shower is a great idea. Natural themes are popular, and giraffes are a fun and interesting way to bring the natural world to your baby shower plans.

Images of mama and baby giraffes will tie in the concept of the baby shower with this unique and special animal. Think about characteristics of the giraffe that make it stand apart amongst the animal kingdom. The giraffe is the tallest mammal in the world and known for its long legs, slender neck, and beautiful eyes. These images, combined with the truly fascinating pattern of its coat, provide a wealth of great potential for you to organize a special and creative giraffe baby shower.

Giraffe Shower Invitations

giraffe baby shower invitation

Your invitations will be the first peek your guests will see of the baby shower to come. When planning your unique baby shower invitations, a fun idea to go along with your theme is a picture of a mama and baby giraffe. Baby giraffes are so adorable and set the tone for a special shower event. If the expecting mom is having multiples, include the appropriate number of baby giraffes.

Becoming more common, virtual invites can be created on web sites like and are often free. Of course if you prefer the more traditional route, paper invitations provide boundless opportunities through unique material, fonts, lettering and images. You can design your own or look online for companies who create custom-made invitations for you.

The colors of a giraffe, as well as those of its grassland savannah home, really fit well with a gender-neutral baby shower. Think shades of soft brown, chocolate, yellows, and even greens. If the mom-to-be knows the gender of her baby, it's easy to add some pink or blue to reveal this to the guests!

Giraffe Baby Shower Decorations

Use the giraffe's savannah habitat as inspiration. Wrap tables with raffia, available at craft stores, or tie artificial dried grass skirts around smaller end tables to invoke the giraffe's grassland home. Hang pictures of giraffe images, like those utilized on your invitations. For a festive feel, hang string lights in the shapes of giraffes along the walls. Consider arranging large bouquets of dried grasses, also available at craft stores, in pots and vases throughout the baby shower locale.

In place of a table cloth, try a long woven table runner. Arrange goodies and cheap party favors in woven baskets or wooden bowls to further invoke the giraffe's natural world. Select napkins and plates in the shape of a giraffe. Incorporate other animal prints, like zebra print, to provide extra punch to your design. Hang cutouts of giraffe silhouettes or hang banners with images of giraffes throughout the baby shower area.

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Giraffe Baby Shower Food Ideas

giraffe baby shower ideas 5 260x202 Giraffe Baby Shower Ideas

Carrying the theme of the natural world and the giraffe's grassland home, choose tasty snacks evocative of the theme. Think earthy granola or spiced nuts nestled in dark wooden bowls and the rich dark hue of chocolate.

For a beverage, consider a simple yet tasty orange punch. The color will blend with your decor's earthiness and will work in whatever season your shower is held. For thirty four-ounce servings, combine ½ gallon orange sherbet and one 6-ounce can of frozen orange juice concentrate in a simple, clear glass punch bowl and let thaw. Add 1 two-liter bottle of ginger ale and stir. For an alcoholic version with real pizzazz, add a bottle of champagne.

Since chocolate's luscious dark shade blends so wonderfully with your natural, giraffe-themed baby shower, and chocolate is nearly always a crowd pleaser, a decadent chocolate cake is sure to be a hit. Consider the drama of multiple layers of rich dark chocolate set off by the subtle and pleasant colors of pale golden raffia grass. The gourmet cake does double duty as your center piece and focal point!

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Learn How To Make A Fondant Giraffe For The Cake!

Baby Shower Games

Trivia games combining fun facts about giraffes with baby trivia, such as "How many diapers does a baby use in one year" is a fun way to unite the giraffe idea into your baby shower. Check online resources and your local library for fun trivia facts. Another fun giraffe-themed baby shower game would be to provide a picture of a giraffe and have guests try to guess the number of spots.

Giraffe Themed Shower Favors

Carry the earthy, natural theme further with party favors. For the do-it-yourself, you can fill animal print bags with pretzels, chocolate and earth toned treats. Tie your bags with strips of brown velvet or raffia.

Or buy your baby shower favors gifts online. You can find all kinds of unique favors that have a giraffe theme including soaps, candles, personalized candy bars and more. Give your guests a little something to say thank you for sharing in such a special party for the mom-to-be.

Giraffe Themed Gift Ideas

giraffe baby shower ideas 8 520x265 Giraffe Baby Shower Ideas

A stuffed giraffe for baby's room will provide joy for baby and a memory for Mama of her wonderful baby shower. Scout or local university exhibits of student works for affordable, custom and truly unique images of giraffes. Frame the artwork for a treasure Mom-to-be will surely cherish. Finally, consider buying a baby gift basket or baby blanket online that has a giraffe theme. Two such gifts are shown above - both are adorable and sure to be treasured by Mom and baby alike.

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