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Gourmet Gift Basket Giveaway - valued at up to $150!

Published May 20, 2013        by Rae Ann

What's better than a gift basket?  A Gourmet gift basket for free of course!  We're making this happen with a great new giveaway!  All About Gifts and Baskets is giving away a Gourmet Gift Basket valued at up to $150.  One lucky winner will be able to choose their favorite from over 80 amazing designs filled with delicious treats from our Gourmet Food Gifts page.

Whether you love savory treats or crave something sweet, you're sure to find a basket that satisfies!

This contest ends June 2nd, hurry and enter today!

Enter to win a gourmet gift basket, up to a $150 value! Ends June 2nd.
Enter to win a gourmet gift basket, up to a $150 value! Ends June 2nd.

With over 80 designs to choose from, there is a wide variety of options when it comes to finding the perfect gourmet gift basket.

We call this collection of baskets "Gourmet" because they hold our highest quality gourmet treats. We offer savory choices like gourmet cheeses, summer sausage, olives, mixed nuts and crisp crackers.  Or if sweet is what they crave, they'll love our variety of cookies, candies and gourmet desserts.  Many of our baskets hold a bit of both to please any appetite.  We even top some of our baskets off with coffee or sparkling cider to make it a complete feast.

aa gourmet baskets Gourmet Gift Basket Giveaway   valued at up to $150!

Gourmet Gift Baskets are a great gift for any occasion.  We take all the guess work out of creating the perfect way to say "Thank You" or "Congratulations". Whether you know a special couple who is celebrating an anniversary or would like to show a client you appreciate their business, we have a basket that will make a lasting impression.

Many of our Gourmet Gift Baskets start with a creative container like a planter or gift trunk to create a striking presentation.  We want your recipient to always remember your generous and thoughtful gift!

Good luck!

Giveaway Rules Summary

Enter by simply using the Rafflecopter form below. Any of the options for entry are acceptable and entries per person are limited to the number indicated in this contest form. Entries will be reviewed and any duplicate or incomplete entries will be removed.

NOTE - You must complete the specified entry task in order to be eligible to win the contest.  If you click the entry button without completing the task, your entry will be disqualified from winning.

If you have issues using the Rafflecopter form, be sure you are running the latest version of your web browser and JavaScript.

This contest is open to all residents of the 48 Contiguous States and only to those 18 years of age or older!

Winners are picked randomly.  The lucky winner will receive their choice of Gourmet Gift Basket (valued at up to $150) from the Gourmet Food Baskets page.

Prize will be fulfilled by the contest sponsor

Winners will be notified via email, so please provide a valid email address. Winners must respond within three days of being contacted. If you do not respond within that time, another winner will be chosen.

The full list of rules can be found here.

Giveaway ends at midnight EST on June 2nd, 2013. The giveaway winners will be announced by June 9th, 2013.

273 thoughts on “Gourmet Gift Basket Giveaway - valued at up to $150!”

  1. I like the Grand Italian Tour Gift Basket. My family loves pasta dishes so this would be great for us.

  2. I choose California Extravagance $236 as my favorite. I like the items on the gift basket.

  3. I really like the grand gourmet thank you gift basket. Included is a variety of teas, chocolates, sausage, etc. Who would not love to receive this gift basket?

  4. It's not an easy question, there are so many great baskets -- for any budget and taste. I like this one --Grand Artisan Gourmet Gift Basket

  5. The Grand Ghirardelli basket looks so yummy! They all look so good.It's hard to pick just one! :)

  6. i don't know why this thing is stuck in all caps, but I am sorry. I love the Romantic expressions! Its such a pretty basket

  7. I would go with the Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket. My name is jeff and I am a chocoholic!

  8. Wow there are so many to chose from. I love the "taste of Italy picnic hamper. It would be a basket that you could use over and over again.

  9. California Extravagance ...but there are so many great choices...I would be happy with any of them.

  10. I like so many but "The Crowd Pleaser" really caught my eye! What a joy it would be to win this :)

  11. I love all the baskets, but my favorite is the Comforts Of Home Gourmet Basket. It would be a great basket for a friend

  12. I like the Treasured Gourmet Gift Basket. It has something for the whole family and love that it comes in a chest......A cool thing to keep after all is gone

  13. I like the Soothing Organic Olive Oil Spa & Gourmet.. it looks perfect for a relaxing day!

  14. I love the looks of the supreme sampler wine gift basket. this would be a great one to try.

  15. There are too many to choose from!!! snackers delight, crazy for cookies, california country i'm hungry!!!

  16. I would love to send my oldest grandson the " GRAND GHIRARDELLI GIFT BASKET FOR COMPLETING HIS FIRST YEAR OF COLLEGE

  17. I really like their Gourmet sampler Gift basket. It has a little bit of everything for everybody in it.

  18. I have my eye on the grand ghirardelli basket. I'd share with the hubby, we love chocolate.

  19. I like the Snacking Favorites Gourmet Gift Chest. This would be perfect for movie night.

  20. I would really be interested in J & J's BARBECUE Gift basket. Summer is the time for grilling!

  21. The Jim & Jack's Grillin' Gift Basket would be perfect for my husband and son! But I would prefer the Gourmet Snacks Gift Chest ... the chest is too cute and I can think of TONS of uses for it after the snacks are gone!

  22. Tuscan Traditions Gift was a toss up between the 2 italian baskets.I chose this one because of the dipping oils.


  24. I would pick the Jim & Jacks Grillin' Gift Basket. I also like the Gourmet snacks gift chest because the basket is really nice & I could use it for other things when everything is gone .

  25. The Ghiradelli Chocolate would be soooo good..Made me change my mind on the Italian tour I was eying for my son..I'm bad...

  26. I like the Grand Ghirardelli and the Spring Sweet Treats and Chocolate Gift Basket. Thank you!!!

  27. The Taste of Italy. We are having the perfect picnic weather now and this would make the perfect picnic with a bottle of wine.

  28. I like the Jim & Jack's Grillin' Gift Basket. Jim Beam and Jack Daniels, fudge and cookies and cheese and crackers all in one basket!! Who could ask for anything better!!


  30. there are so many to pick from but I like the Cafe Madness Gift Basket because my downfall is enjopyin a good cup of coffee or chocolate

  31. Jim & Jack's Grillin' Gift Basket Great food for having friends and family over for a BBQ.Would love to try the beef jerky.

  32. gourmet Grand Splendor Basket looks amazing! So many choices to please the whole family and chocolate!!

  33. My favorite gift basket is the Cafe Madness Gift Basket. I love coffee and love trying different flavors and blends. It sounds like the perfect gift basket.

  34. I would love to win the Tuscan Traditions Gift Basket. As my baby is almost here and my mom and dad have done so much to support me through this ruff pregnancy this would be a perfect gift for them.

  35. I think my favorite is the executive selections gourmet gift tote. I love the tote and it is filled with a great selection of yummy goodies.

  36. Wow, what a decision to have to make! I like them all! Each one has different features that I like. If I had to choose just one, I'd say Sumptuous Gourmet Basket. Thanks.

  37. Wow there are way too many to choose from! I think I would be happy with the "Snacking Favorites Gourmet Gift Chest". I would use the chest for my kids too!

  38. I like the Epicurean Flavors Gift Basket...the gold tin planter is really nice. i also like the Snacking Favorites Gourmet Gift Chest...the chest is great and there is every kind of snack you could possibly want! :)

  39. I think I spent like 30 minutes on your site trying to decide which one was my favorite and that was DIFFICULT! I think I finally decided the Tea Rose Spring Gift Basket

  40. I love the Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket. I'm a big fan of Ghiradelli chocolates and have already tried most of the wonderful products in here, but I have never even seen those fancy truffles that are displayed in this basket, and would sure love to try them!

  41. My favorite gift basket is the Jim & Jack's Grillin' Gift Basket. It would be prefect for father's day and for summer.

  42. Okay, so I am a true lover of chocolate. So my choice is the Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket filled with all that yummy chocolate. in my case, it would be....death by chocolate!

  43. This is a hard decision! I'm loving all of the italian or tuscany gift baskets! ghiradelli runs a close second though :) thanks for the giveaway!


  45. gourmet Grand Splendor Basket is my favorite. All that chocolate will last me a year. That's if I eat in moderation.

  46. all the gift baskets look so yummy!! But I like chocolate, so I think the grand ghirardeli gift basket would be my first pick and then maybe a fruit basket.

  47. I just love the Cafe Madness Gift Basket! I'm a huge coffee fan and so is my husband. These baskets make awesome gifts. I gave one to my mother in law last year and she loved it!

  48. I love all of the cookie baskets! I think my favorite is the Wild About You Sugar Cookie Basket. My husband would get such a kick out of it! lol

  49. California Extravagance basket is quite nice all of ur baskets are like awesome im so glad i came across this site thanks for the chance

  50. California Country Favorites Gourmet Basket my answer wasnt very clear sorry but this is awesome thanks

  51. The Best Wishes wedding gift basket is such a nice gift - i would use this for a shower gift for the slightly "older" couple / second wedding.

    I also love the grand gourmet thank you gift.... the container looks wonderful - I'd love to have that for a nice flower/plant arrangement for my deck!

  52. It is so hard to just choose one basket when they are all so lovely and full of great selection. One i would seriously consider would be the Snacking Favorites Gourmet Gift Chest.

  53. I like the gourmet splendor basket. the cholocates in the picture perked my interest. and almond roca is the best.

  54. My favorite gift basket of all is the Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket. It is full of chocolate and that is all I could wish for.

  55. It is so hard to choose because they all look so good but my choice would have to be the Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket or Spring Treats and Chocolate Gift Basket. Why? Because I love to try Ghirardelli chocholates. Thanks for this chance to win these tasty gift baskets! Now I am getting hungry! connie danielson

  56. i really like the Grand Splendor Basket!!! There is so much stuff in this basket.........i'd be in heaven!!! thanx for a chance to win!!!

  57. I like the Gourmet Sampler gift chest because it has many quality,delicious goodies. i would be thrilled to win any lovely gift basket!

  58. Oh my, it is so difficult to choose. But for starters I like:
    Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket

    and then, maybe....
    Gourmet Sampler Gift Basket ... or perhaps.... Gourmet Greetings

    but I'll stop there because i could absolutely list them all!

  59. My parents anniversary is coming up. I would love to get them the always and forever basket. looks yummy

  60. I really like the Sunflower Sensations Gift Basket it has a lot of really nice stuff in it also the basket is very pretty to put stuff in it when were done eating all the goodies ! Thank you for the nice Giveaways !

  61. I like the look of that Snacking Favorites Gourmet Gift Chest. There are some delightful but not ordinary things in there and the box is so cute.

  62. Grand Italian Tour Gift Basket looks lovely with all kinds of unique gourmet treats inside with an Italian flair! YuM!

  63. Again I love all your baskets. The first one that caught my eye was Sweets-N-Treats gift basket. I would love to win one of you gifts. Thanks for the chance.

  64. I would choose the Grad Oreo Double dipped gift box. my son is a grad this year and he would love this

  65. I love the crowd pleaser basket. Thanks for the giveawa. You have so many great baskets to choose from!

  66. My favourite basket is the grand gourmet thank you gift. its filled with my favourite kind of chocolate and it has green tea.

  67. i like the Ultimate Gourmet Gift Basket. it has so much variety in it and i love the basket that its in as well.

  68. I love the Grand Healing Basket! It's filled with wonderful soothing things that anyone would want to receive. A hug in a basket!

  69. I really like the grand splendor basket! It has so much deliciousness in one basket!

  70. I Love them all, but I think my favorite one would be
    the spring sweet treats and chocolate gift basket,
    because i like sweets and i love chocolates= ) thank you
    for this great giveaway!

  71. I like the Grand Gourmet Thank You Gift. The planter is gorgeous, and I love all the chocolate goodies it holds. YUM!

  72. Hello. I am a chocolate freak. I have admitted it to myself, so it is not an issue :) . So I have chosen Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket. yummo. thank you. Vicki

  73. Grand Italian Tour Gift Basket - this would be for my mom. She loves all that chocolate and olives, and everything else in it.

  74. I like the Snacking Favorites Gourmet Gift Chest. I would send it to my fiance who works on a boat in New Orleans.

  75. I think the " Many thanks Godiva Gift Basket, $ 61.00. would be nice.
    But it said out of stock. For the family. :-}

  76. There's so many that it's hard to pick just one! The Spring Sweet Treats and Chocolate Gift Basket caught my eye because of the colours but I know it would taste so yummy too!

  77. Oh my, if i can stop drooling long enough to post this...what a beautiful selection! i think my choice would be the "Grand Gourmet Thank You Gift". it really has something for everyone, especially chocolates and coffee for me! :)

  78. I'm a major coffee addict and I love Starbucks so my favorite is the Starbucks Overload Gift Basket. This basket has a lot of things in it that I love.

  79. Oh my gosh.....that Grand Splendor Basket looks amazing! Would be so excited to have something like that! They all look great though. : )

  80. I really like theExecutive Selections Gourmet Gift Tote. the magazine tote it comes in will fit right into my home decor.

  81. I love the grand gourmet thank you basket. It is really beautiful and filled with lots of awesome things to make anyone smile the biggest ol smile.

  82. Talk about a hard decision to make. There are so many choices that look delicious. But I finally narrowed it down to the crowd pleaser snack gift basket, as it has the most goodies in it that my fiance' and I would eat between the 2 of us.

  83. I like the Sweets and Treats Basket. It looks like there is something in there for everyone to enjoy.

  84. it was so hard to choose, they all look wonderful! I like the Sunflower Sensations Gift Basket :)

  85. I love good chocolate, so I would choose the Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket. It looks so yummy!!!

  86. I am a chocoholic. The Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket looks amazing. 😀 thanks for the giveaway

  87. Napa valley Meat and Cheese Basket looks incredible so full of so many yummy artisan cheeses and tasty meats inside! Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  88. I really like the Snacking Favorites Gourmet Gift Chest.
    It has everything i would love to have in a gift basket or just have for snacking

  89. I really like all of the italian food gift baskets! I think i would choose either the grand italian tour gift basket or the italian romantic dinner date basket. my husband is italian and he is a true romantic. he would love this!


  91. I love the "Mom's Breakfast gift basket. I would love to have someone get my breakfast in bed! nice giveaway!

  92. The Cafe Madness Gift Basket is right up my alley. I love coffee and drink way too much of it.

  93. I like the Gourmet Selections Gift Tote. It would make the most perfect father's day gift for my husband.

  94. I like so many of them. The one that looks really good is the Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket. I love that one, even though all that chocolate is not really good for me.

  95. Since I'm Italian, I would love the "Taste of Italy Gourmet Picnic Hamper". It's full of wonderful items, olive oil and almond-coated chocolate biscotti are my two favorites in this basket :)

  96. I like the Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket. It's grand, it's Ghirardelli--i'm in love. LOL

  97. My favorite basket is the Grand Italian Tour Gift Basket. My husband and I went to Italt several years ago. This would bring back some good memories. Thanks,

  98. I would choose the Grand Splendor Basket. There is something for everyone - I like to share.

  99. I like the Sugar Rush Cookie Crate in the gourmet food gifts site. The cookies look great to share with my family and I love the decorative crate they come in.

  100. I like the Grand Artisan Gourmet Gift Basket the supreme size, I know it's superbly expensive but I love that it has fresh fruit. I especially love that it has honey crisp apples and mangos and pears!

  101. I like the Gala Celebrations gift basket. The ingredients and great the the display is beautiful!

  102. II would love to win the Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket. I love chocolate and this basket has a wonderful assortment of items that would taste yummy :)

  103. Grand Gourmet Thank You Gift Basket.... it would be my thank you gift to myself!!! :)

  104. It's very hard to choose, but I'll pick the Grand Artisan Gourmet Gift Basket. I like the variety of items - fruit, cheese, and sweets.

  105. I like the Jim & Jack's Grillin' Gift Basket. We would use this all summer, because that is all we do is grill.

  106. I really like the Golden State Grand Gourmet Basket. It has a great variety of everything: chocolate, chips, etc.

  107. I love chocolate, so I would definitely pick the "grand Ghiradelli gift basket". thank you very much for the chance to win!


  109. i would def want the Ghirardelli Classic Basket!! OUR FAMILY LOVES CHOCOLATE SO THIS IS RIGHT UP OUR ALLEY!

  110. The Grand Ghirardelli basket. this looks amazing, definitely for the choc-a-holic!!

  111. The The Crowd Pleaser looks really delicious. i always love a variety of sweets and love trying new ones. variety is ESPECIALLY good when everyone likes different things.

  112. The grand ghiradelli basket looks amaZing. We are huge chocolate lovers sO this sHould take care of the craving.
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  113. The Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket looks so good. I love chocolate and ghirardelli is one of my favorites

  114. I really like California Country Favorites Gourmet Basket it is got some awesome treats. It looks like it would be great for a romatic getaway. Thanks so much for the chance to win [email protected]

  115. I Would choose the gourmet sampler gift basket. It would be great for the picnics my family loves to take!

  116. Oh no I forgot about the two sentences thing! I'll redo it this way :) I like the Sweet Selections Gift Basket. It's very cute!

  117. I think the Tuscan Skies Gift Basket looks nice. The next best thing to being there!

  118. My favorite would be one of the wine ones but they can't be shipped to my state :(. I also like the California Summer Peach and Nectarine Combo.

  119. Wow. What a great selection of baskets. There's a number that I like, but my favorite overall is the Fruit & Ghirardelli Bounty. This basket has both my favorites.
    Thanks so much.

  120. I like All About Gifts and Baskets's Lavender Inspirations Spa Body Gift basket.

    It would make a great birthday gift for my mother

  121. I like the Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket. It's all ghiradelli chocolate, who can argue with that?!?!

  122. my favorite is The Metropolitan Executive Gourmet Gift Basket because it looks packed with gourmet food products. i love food, especially gourmet.

  123. I like the Grand Italian Tour Basket. Craving some italian food right now so this appealed to me.All baskets on this site look nice though.

  124. I think the Executive Selections Gourmet Gift Tote sounds amazing. Those treats had my mouth watering.

  125. I like the California Country Favorites Gourmet Basket. It reminds me of my visits to the Bay Area.

  126. I like the California Wine Trio Basket. The combination of sweet and Salty treats to go with the wine is awesome.

  127. My favorite basket is the Sumptuous Gourmet Basket. It contains a lot of chocolate which is my favorite indulgence.

  128. I really like the Trifecta Coffee Tea and Cocoa Gift Basket. The little suitcase it all comes in is adorable and would be a favorite in my house.

  129. It was really hard to choose a favorite. I chose Snacking Favorites Gourmet Gift Chest.

  130. I like the Meat & Cheese Cutting Board Gift basket. I absoultely love cheese and this looks like a nice assortment of cheese. :)

  131. the grand ghiradelli gift basket is my favorite. I am a huge ghiradelli fan and just love love love their chocolate.

  132. They ALL look great. But I think I'd have to go with Napa Valley Meat and Cheese Board

  133. My favorite basket would have to be the Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket. I am a big chocolate lover!
    Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  134. The Gourmet Comfort Foods Gift Basket looks very nice. It has Strawberry Cashew Crunch in it :o)

  135. The California country gift Basket seems very nice! I'd love to have it to share with my hubby!

  136. I really like the Executive Selections Gourmet Gift Tote because of the selection of gifts as well as the tote. So cute.

  137. I would like to have the taste of italy gourmet picnic hamper. i love the variety of products - cheese, dip mixes, oil and vinegar and biscotti. and i already have the wine to go along with it!

  138. Oh wow somebody please stop me LOL those baskets are scrumptious looking :) I absolutely love the Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket!! If I won a basket I know I would look like templeton from charlottes web when I got done!

  139. The Grand Ghirardelli basket looks delicious. It would be fun to try all of the different types of chocolate.

  140. [email protected] I had to choose just one basket as s favorite it would be the Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket. You just can not go wrong with a basket full of ghirardelli chocolates.


  141. I like the Golden State Grand Gourmet Basket! Looks like it would be a nice variety of treats to try!

  142. I think the Jim & Jack's Grillin' Gift Basket looks great! Lots of tasty BBQ's in our future with that :)

  143. My favorite is the Crowd pleaser. it has something for everyone and for me, i'd especiaLly love THE CASHEW ROCA

  144. Organically Delicious Wishes is one of my favorites. There are so many tom chose from!
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  145. There are so many great ones it's hard to choose just one, but if I must I'll say the Jim & Jack's Grillin' Gift Basket.

  146. I like the Grand Ghiradelli Basket. It is filled with every Ghirardelli chocolate. I would love to give it to a loved one for a special birthday but it looks so good I would probably want to keep for myself.

  147. i would love to get this basket...Jim & Jack's Grillin' Gift Basket! i have never seen a bbq basket b/f and i love to grill at my house, we do it several times a week all year long :)

  148. I like the Gourmet Sampler Gift Basket. It has a nice mix of savory and sweet items. Thanks!!

  149. There's so many great baskets that it's hard to choose! I really like the Jim & Jack's Grillin' Gift Basket though. We love to use the Jack Daniels products when grilling.

  150. My favorite gift basket is the Sumptuous Gourmet Basket. It has everything anyone could want! Thank you for a fabulous giveaway. :-)

  151. i really like the Jim & Jack's Grillin' Gift Basket, my husband and i would really enjoy using it! i hope to win this because they are really nice gift baskets!

  152. I think my dad and my son would really enjoy the Gone Fishing Boat Shelf Gift Set its a very nice basket

  153. This is hard, there are so many to pick from. But I think I like the Grand Gourmet Thank You Gift

  154. My favorite is the California Country Favorites Gourmet Basket. I like this basket because of the large gourmet assortment.

  155. I like the wishes of healing basket. I think it would be really nice to give to someone going through a hard time.


  157. I love the grand ghirardelli basket. I have such a sweet tooth tooth
    and they have the best chocolate

  158. they all look good. I like the Snacking Favorites Gourmet Gift Chest. It has something for everyone!

  159. I love chocolate in every form and ghirardelli brings back wonderful memories of san francisco. the Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket would make me very happy.

  160. They all looked amazing and it was hard to pick one. I would pick the Snacking Favorites Gourmet Gift Chest since it has so many different items.

  161. I like the chocolate rich indulgence gift basket. although almost any of the chocolate baskets would be very nice to win.

  162. The California Country Favorites Gourmet Basket is my favorite. It's filled with a delicious variety of items (and would make a wonderful housewarming gift for some young friends who will soon be moving into their first home).

  163. I like the supreme Grand Artisan Gourmet Gift Basket. It looks great, but has enough items that I could enjoy without feeling guilty about the calories.

  164. They all look so amazing I would love to try Sugar Rush Cookie Crate! The italy basket looks amazing too!!

  165. They all sound delicious and I'm torn between sweet and snacky but I think I will vote for the one that has Fruit in it. Hope it has some sweets or saltys in it!

  166. My favorite is the crowd pleaser. not only does it have my favorite it includes some new things that I would love to try.

  167. There are so many good ones it was hard to choose just one! I think my fiance' would really enjoy the Snacks for Dad Gift Basket.

  168. p.s. Every time I sign up for the newsletter I never get a confirmation like it says I will. I hope it took my information

  169. I would love to have a chocolate overload with this one Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket

  170. Beautiful baskets!My favorite is the California Country Favorites Gourmet Basket. Thanks for having this contest.



  173. I love the Grand Ghirardelli Gift Basket since I am obsessed with chocolate! Nothing is better than ghirardelli!

  174. I would like the The Metropolitan Gourmet Gift Tray because this would give me some new foods to try. Thank you.

  175. Jim & Jack's Grillin' Gift Basket is my favorite basket. Thank you for having this awesome contest!!! :)


  177. I really like the Grand splendor basket because it truly is grand. So many fantastic baskets- its impossible to choose just one.

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