Gourmet Gift of the Day Award

Longstem Cookie Gift Box

Longstem Cookie Gift BoxWoo-hoo!  Our delicious longstem cookies were chosen as the gift of the day but the tasting team over at the Gourmet Gift of the Day blog.  It appears that one of the husband of one of the blog staffers sent her a dozen of our gourmet cookies in a gift box.  She loved the cookies and presentation of course... hence the award.  And we are thrilled!

Our longstem cookies are available in numerous longstem box colors including gold, white, light blue, pink and red (during Valentine's Day).  You can choose from various cookie flavors including macadamia nut, peanut butter with peanut butter chips, chocolate chip with or without nuts and more.  The cookies on stems are presented with ribbons on a bed of tissue inside the box.  Prices start at just $33 for a half dozen of our jumbo cookies that weigh over 1/4 lb each.  For more information or to purchase this gift, see our Longstem Classic Cookie Gift Boxes.

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